Honda vs. Toro Push Mower

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Honda vs. Toro Push Mower

A durable lawnmower can stay with the family for many years, but the time may come when it has to be retired. When it is time to shop for another mower it can also be a little confusing to determine which one can be at par with the previous mower, if not do better. Two very popular brands of lawnmowers that many users find very efficient are Honda and Toro. Both brands offer a number of lawnmowers that are fit for residential use.

Buyers deciding between the two brands should learn about the features of each so they can decide which lawnmower has the most attributes that are useful to them. Knowing the advantages of each brand allows for making a better buying decision.

Honda General Features

Honda engines are among the most trusted engines out there. The brand's mowers have technology that allows users to start the engine easily, usually after the first pull. Honda mowers are also built to last, with the manufacturer ensuring that all the materials have passed quality standard tests. Owners can also have the assurance that their Honda mower meets the emissions regulations for all 50 states. Aside from that, Honda mowers are also powerful and feature twin blades that cut grass better than other brands.

Depending on the model, Honda offers users different brand-exclusive solutions. The Roto-Stop Blade Stop System, for instance, intuitively halts the cutting without stopping the engine when the user lets go of the handle. Users also have the option to adjust the settings to mulching, bagging, rear discharge, or leaf shredding. With the Cruise Control feature, users can vary the ground speed from 0 to 6.4 kph. Users can even save their preferred speed. There are Honda mower models that have a paddle lever that allows adjustment of the speed by hands.

Toro General Features

Toro offers quality mowers at a competitive price, and buyers can choose a variety of Toro push mowers designed for the home user. A lot of Toro mowers are self-propelled and offer full features with all the bells and whistles that users look for in a lawnmower. Toro lawnmowers, as well as Lawn Boy, another Toro-owned brand of lawnmowers, come equipped with Honda and Briggs and Stratton engines. Most Toro mowers out there adjust to the user's pace of walking via the Personal Space system. The brand also offers quick-stow mowers for easy and compact storage, with the mowers being able to fit in a tight space.

Depending on the model, Toro mowers offer the convenience of switching from bagging to mulching without the user having to remove the bag from the mower in between the actions. The Toro Recycler models sport a 22-inch wide cutting deck and ground speed with up to 7.2 kph. The Toro Timemaster, on the other hand, features a 30-inch wide cutting deck and 8.75 foot-pound Gross Torque Briggs and Stratton overhead engine. A discharge chute is a part of every Toro mower set instead of being just an optional part in other brands.

Key Comparisons Between Honda and Toro Mowers

Buyers can decide which of the two brands to choose based on key comparisons, such as safety and major selling points. Another important feature to consider is both brand's technology used for pace adjustment.

Blade Safety

Mowers need to ensure the safety of users from the blades, especially when in the process of emptying the bag of the mower. Honda offers the blade shut-off system that allows the user to stop the blades from running when ridding the bag of its contents while the engine is still operating. Toro offers the same safety feature with its Blade Override System, which is also useful when the user needs to momentarily step away from the mower without needing to turn off the engine and restart it again.

Major Selling Points

Apparently, the engine of Honda mowers is its most appealing feature; Honda mowers are among the few on the market that have very powerful engines. In addition, mowers from this brand can come in self-propelled or push varieties, and even providing users with rear- or side-discharge option. Toro, on the other hand, supports "going green", focusing on recycling the by-products of mowing, and the users having the option for either a gas- or electric-powered engine.

Pace Adjustment

Both brands have a pace-adjustment technology, which allows users to vary the speed of the mower depending on the rate at which they walk. Honda mowers feature the SmartDrive technology, allowing users to press down a lever to propel the mower to a pace they prefer with the hand's pressure on the lever cuing the mower's rate of speed. There are users who find this adjustment feature a bit tricky as there is a possibility that unwittingly pressing down the lever too much can result to the mower outrunning the user. Honda mowers come equipped with Personal Space technology that allows pace adjustment. Users who want to change the speed of a Toro mower can achieve it by simply changing their walking pace.

Honda Mowers Varieties

Buyers can find a variety of Honda mowers online, including the HRX, HRR, and HRS models. The mowers can come either as self-propelled, self-charging, or electric start.


The HRX217VKA is a self-propelled Honda mower that is complete with the SmartDrive technology, along with the four-in-one Versamov System with Clip Director that allows for efficient mulching, discharge, bagging, and shredding leaves. The mower packs a Honda GVC190 engine with an Auto Choke System and the MicroCut Twin Blades for precise cutting.


The HRR216VYA is another self-propelled Honda mower that comes with the SmartDrive technology for pace adjustment. It also offers the convenience of Roto-Stop blade stop system and the three-in-one system with Clip Director so the mower can be adjusted to mulch, bag, or discharge. The HRR216VYA packs a Honda GCV160 engine with Auto Choke System with Twin Blade MicroCut System.


The HRS216PDA is a 21-inch rear mulcher and bagger that has an 160cc engine with MicroCut Twin Blades for precise cutting. The mower sports a rugged, robust steel deck complete with edge guards and a front bumper.

Toro Mower Varieties

Toro offers a variety of lawnmowers fit for home use. Buyers can choose from the Recycler, Super Recycler, and Time Master.


The Recycler, just like all Toro lawnmower models, offers the Personal Space self-propel system, so users can adjust the speed of the mower to their pace of walking. The model also features the Bag On Demand for hassle-free switching from mulching to bagging without having to remove the bag. The mower has a 22-inch cutting deck and ground speed up to 4.5 mph, which promises faster cutting.

Super Recycler

The Super Recycler is an efficient machine with in-synch blade, deck, and bagging systems, allowing for superior mulching and bagging performance. Aside from the Personal Space technology, the mower sports a quick-stow handle, so users can store it even in a small space.


The Toro TimeMaster has a 30-inch wide cutting deck, promising users to save up to 40 per cent of cutting time. Just like the Super Recycler, the mower offers the Personal Space system, as well as the quick-stow lever for convenient storage in a small space.

Buying Honda and Toro Riding Mowers on eBay

Whether it is a Honda or a Toro riding mower, buyers can find several models to choose from on eBay. eBay lists both new and pre-owned mowers from both brands. To begin the search, buyers only need to type in relevant keywords, such as "Honda HRR" or "Toro Recycler", into the search bar.

Top-Rated Sellers

Top-rated sellers are the most credible on the site because of their track record in providing quality products, excellent customer service, and on-time shipping. These sellers have the highest feedback scores on the site and may also offer free shipping for their mowers. Buying on eBay can be worthwhile for the buyer who is careful in choosing the product and the seller as well.


Honda and Toro produce some of the most reliable mowers out there. A Honda engine is one of the few powerful engines on the market. The Toro mowers, on the other hand, captivate people who support "going green" as the brand focuses on recycling and allows buyers to opt for either a gas- or electric-powered engine.

In terms of blade safety, both brands allow users to turn off the blades when emptying the bag or stepping away from the mower to remove things without having to stop the engine; Honda offers the blade shut-off system while Toro has the Blade Override System. Be it Honda or Toro, buyers can find a variety of lawnmowers on eBay. A well-chosen lawnmower is a homeowner's ally in keeping the yard polished quickly and efficiently.

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