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I am pleased to find , that .. for the most! my dealings with people on here have been great! found some lovely bargains after learning how to best search for and know what i am buying.. discerment is a trick with some items.. not always exact as photos show.. discriptions are usualy great .. and i have managed to come out of it all happy and money well spent.. though there are couple bad apples amongst the lot .. in my dealings .....i guess thats what helps us along the way of knowing better as "put it down to experience" only real bad experience was with lady i purchased rock from my very first red dot feedback i had to leave .. i doubt she realy sent it but i didnt know bout registered post back then... gave her over 2 months faith and nothing .. didnt even reply to my emails persisted to avoid me and blatently lied in her feedback.. can only feel sorry that law of karma will have to teach her the hard ways in life.

I have had the pleasure of communicating with some very thoughtful polite people who go out of there way to help with my questions.. and these people make ebay exactly what it should be "a fantastic place to shop"

 ~THANKYOU~  to all the people who are honest that know distance is not excuse for bad manors..  people with personal values and respect ~ HONESTLY~ are apreciated at least by those who count..

 ~and a message for those who find it easy to cop out in life and dealings with people?... until you learn to respect others you will gain no respect and will spend your life having to do things the hard way..

Emphasis should be on the good people we come across who reinstall faith that there are honest nice people in world, and mean people dont get very far in the long run, they are their own worst enemy.

Well thank you for reading my little soap box speech ~shmilesss~ i hope all our dealings can be good experiences

                                   happy shopping Trina

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