Honesty, Listings, and Communications

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The following advice is to assist people in dealing on eBay and to allow a more open and trusting trading place.


Make an About me page and in it list any Terms and conditions of trade Postal infomation, Refunds and any other data you may wish people to know.
Have a disclaimer, stating your willingness to change any part of your listings.
State clearly that all emails, questions and replies about this item will be posted with the listing both Good and Bad. This will include all insults. Clearly warn your public to be polite.
When you reply be honest. If you have made an error find out not just from the person telling you, they may be wrong as well and often can be. When something has been brought to your attention, research it further.
When quoting sources, give full credit and identify where your information has come from.

EBay help with feedback

Ebay have a real issue with helping you deal with bad feed back and often will do nothing I suggest you creat an about ME page and offer your Clients the chance to hear your side of a Dispute, I must warn you . If you make a statement regarding the actions of a person PLEASE make sure you can back your comments up with proof.Keep recoreds of everything

Negative Feedback

Sometimes no matter what you do, a person will simply give you negative feedback. Reply to All negative feedback. If you cannot due to time constraints, use your about me page to explain in detail.

Positive Feedback

As a seller give it as soon as you receive payment. It is also nice to send a thank you email to your buyer.
As a buyer, remember to give feedback. It is simply polite. Be honest and fair. If you are going to give negative feedback, make sure it is justified. Be careful about misrepresenting an event.


Answer all questions as quickly as you can. This will improve the chances of a sale dramatically.
If the question clearly identifies an omission, or an important point, post it as a revision in your listing.
Thanking the people that help will encourage others to assist you. This will improve your listings and the confidence your customers have in you. There are many people that simply want to help. Thank them.
When a rude person attacks you, again, fix the listing, admit your error, and post your polite reply and their rude comments. Edit any of their swearing with %$#@.

Record Keeping

Always keep records of every communication you receive and send about any item you list. It is very easy to store large quantities of emails in your email servers. A very good idea is to set your preferences to send you an email whenever you receive and send any eBay communication. Keep a copy of all questions, replies, enquiries, and correspondence in their original form. This will assist you in any desputes and resolutions.

I have found that telling people in advance that you are happy to change any errors, do so fast and admit your fault while giving the person who took the time to write you a thank you is just plain nice.
Be honest, it pays.

Good luck with your eBaying


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