Horse Rain Scald - Prevent with the right rug.

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Horse Rain Scald can be prevented with the use of the right Horse Rug or Combo...

What is Rain Scald?

Rain Scald or Rain Rot is caused by the fungal organism Dermatophilus congolensis.

What causes Rain Scald or Rain Rot?

Long periods of wet and humid conditions provide the perfect climate for Rain Scald.  The organism can easily be tranferred from horse to horse via rugs and brushes, so it is important to disinfect all grooming equipment and rugs to stop the organism in its tracks. Wet rugs on the coat will rapidly increase the infection.  Waterproof rugs can also cause a problem if the horse is sweating underneath causing more moisture and an ideal environment for the organism.

My Horse has Rain Scald or Rain Rot, What should I do?

Wash your horse and disinfect the Rain Scald with an iodene wash such as Betadine, this should be done each day for 5 days.  The area must be exposed to air so it is extremely important that your horse is not rugged with anything that will not allow air to flow through.  The organism prefers carbon dioxide to grow, not oxygen. Therefore, a Shade Mesh Combo is a perfect answer.  Not only will it keep your horse cool and comfortable, it will keep away flies, shield from the harsh sun, and dry out instantly if it rains and most importantly allow oxygen to flow over the affected area allowing it to heal and stay dry. Remember to disinfect all rugs, grooming equipment and even your horse's favourite fence scratching post as all can be harboring the organism.

What is a Shade Mesh Combo?

A Shade Mesh Combo is made from PVC which is loosely woven together to allow air to comfortably flow through to the coat, keeping the horse comfortable and dry.  It will not withold any moisture whatsoever so is perfect for hot and humid conditions.  The weave, if pulled, bitten or chewed, creates an undesirable sensation in the horses mouth, hence it cant be ripped, chewed or pulled and will last for years.

My horse is Sensitive, will the Combo rub?

The Combo has been especially designed to fit thoroughbreds right through to stocky Warmbloods.  It has extra width in the chest, long straps that can be shortened and tucked away, and an extra set of leg straps.  The chest, mane and tail flap are fully lined for added comfort and a wool wither protector has also been added.

Where can I purchase a Shade Mesh Combo?

Shade Mesh Combo's are available at ebay.  Just click on the following link; horseaboutoz and you can purchase the combo in sizes ranging from 4'6" to 6'9".  Only Horseabout Australia Shade Mesh Combo's have the added extras to provide your horse with the very best of comfort and durability that will withstand the test of time.


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