Horse Riding Gaiters & Half Chaps Measurements.

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When fitting gaiters for a horse rider, two different measurements are needed. Traditionally the measurements are in inches. The first measurement is the width of the calf at it's widest girth. The second measurement, with boots on, is from the base of the heel to the middle of the knee. For example if your calf measured 14 inches at it's widest and you measured 15 inches from the base of the heel to the middle of the knee then you would require size 14/15 Gaiters.

Chapettes or Half Chaps

When fitting Chapettes or half chaps the measurement is slightly different. The first measurement of the calf is the same but the second measurement is from the ankle bone to the middle of the knee. Half Chaps do not have to fit quite so well and are usually soft and  bit more flexible so the measurements do not have to be precise. Hence they often come in S, M, L sizes that you only need a ball park fit.
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