Hot Flashes

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Hot Flashes and how to reduce them

It really is possible to alter some lifestyle changes that reduce hot flashes… Not only that , it can improve your overall health. I have made these changes easy to incorporate anywhere and anytime with no major impact on your day to day living.
Not everyone is keen to take HRT or other medications to get relief from the dreaded hot flushes.
As an Clinic Nurse in Oncology, I am constantly surrounded by Specialists who are experts in this area, as Breast Cancer women cannot take any form of hormone therapies to relieve the dreaded night sweats … Check out my top 7 tips for turning down the heat.
These can be done by anyone, anywhere. I have incorporated each one of these in my daily lifestyle, and have really noticed a huge improvement… I have several risk factors to Breast Cancer, plus working in Chemotherapy Units, has made my decision much easier to deal with Menopause symptoms.

Hot Flash solutions

1. Do you drink enough water… Our bodies are 80% water, and by the time menopause strikes the body is about 65% water. Not only this, everyday we are losing water through sweating, heading to the bathroom and breathing moisture into the air. Really try and drink 8 glasses every day.. I promise, you will notice the difference. Please dont think drinking caffeine, and tea, are hydrating. Unfortunately, they’re not. In fact, caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea, and alcohol, actually work as a diuretic that cause you to lose fluid volume. Stick with water. It’s great. It comes from the tap. It’s free and will reduce hot flushes.

2. If nothing else really try and avoid these … Caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods. All 3 will definitely increase hot flushes… Ok, so these are our favourite past times. I used to have 3 coffee’s before 10, and now down to 1 and this has made a huge difference… So , at least reduce them.

3. 30 minutes a day of Exercise can lower hot flushes
You don’t have to do the New York Marathon…. Really try and do at least 5 minutes here and there, as long as it adds to 30 minutes a day. Just walking or doing the gardening is a super activity that can get you moving. Make sure it is something you enjoy, and you will maintain it for good. Another super effective way to lower hot flashes..

4. There really is endless research showing the benefits of Yoga for Hot Flushes and Night Sweats. Not only will it increase your flexibility and strength, it will also quieten your mind and lower stress levels. There are so many yoga exercises on line to check out… and specifically for menopause. I personally like Yoga that controls your breathing with exercise..
5. This leads me into Meditation. I cant express enough how helpful meditation has been for me with any challenges in life… Particularly dealing with hot flushes has been one of the major challenges, and I have found meditation to be one of the most effective practices that has helped with reducing hot flushes. Click on our FREE Cooling Down CD on the side of the page, or download it on to your phone for easy access any time of day…
With meditation, many people will combine a phrase. I am strong and I will have a good day” – and keep chanting your phrase or positive affirmations as you exhale the entire time you meditate. With practice, you will perfect it.
6 Be Mindful - This simple technique is used around the world as a recognized way of stress reduction and lowering depression, and when your stress is reduced, you will definitely lower your hot flushes. Right Now is all you have… in this very moment… Stressful thoughts of tomorrow or yesterday, creates a wave of energy in the body, heating things up on the inside.. Watch your thoughts closely…
7 Wear Temperature Regulating Clothing like cool-jams…our smart fabric technology actually draws heat and moisture away from the body, and dries super quick- 4 times faster than cotton. Wearing the cami top under my Hot Nurses uniform, I am finding I don’t get flushes during the day. Featured in the APN newspaper with Dr. John Tickell, and winner of the Most Innovative Apparel Award – 2014,  it is easy to see why they are the Worlds Most Innovative P.j
Hot Flash Sleepwear
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Hot Flash Sleepwear

Hot Flash Sleepwear

Wearing Wicking Sleepwear like cool-jams Australia, draws the heat from the body and dries super quick, so your skin doesnt stay wet and uncomfortable all night, giving you a better nights sleep
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