Hot to find out if your memory is fake eg 4gb usb

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There is alot of memory selling on ebay. Whether it be an mp3/4/5, usb stick, flash memory, cameras with inbuilt memory. Alot of buyers on ebay have been ripped off and most even don't know it or its too late. I for one have been tricked by this smart scam. But i have learnt how to found out if its a fake and now you can to.

How do we know if the memory is fake?

Example: 4GB USB Stick

When you put it in, its detected as a 4GB USB. You can put 4GB worth of stuff on it. That doesnt mean its real.
The easiest way to check is to put 4gb worth of stuff on to it. The easiest would be a couple of movies. eg 5 700mb movies which equals to 3.5gbs. Once you have put that onto the usb. Open up each movie and see if it works. Usually with fakes only the first movie works and the rest is detected as corrupt. If one of the movies is detected as corrupt then this means the memory is not as it seems. Your 4gb USB could be in fact a 1GB USB which has been hacked and makes your computer think its a 4GB USB.

So remember whether it be from a seller from Australia or Overseas, a fake is a fake. So remember to use this method when ever you purchase anything with memory in it.

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