How About Showing Some Good Old Courtesy?

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To the seller-

As a buyer, it really frustrates me when I'm not kept in the loop by the seller regarding the status of my transaction.

The great thing with ebay, is that the selling manager has a pile of pre-set templates that make it so much easier to keep buyers up to date.

I really encourage other sellers to show some courtesy to their customers and communicate!

Let them know the final sale amount (invoice) ASAP.

Let them know when the payment has been received.

Let them know when the item(s) have been posted.

Even it seems like a dumb question to you, to the buyer, it isn't! They've asked it for a reason, no matter how obvious the answer may be to you!

Put up a "Terms of Sale"on your items- spell out any special conditions or other important information.

Keep the customer in the loop, and it comes back in the form of really positive comments in the feedback.

Kenneth Blanchard wrote in his book, "Raving Fans", the following key points in relation to turning customers into raving fans-

"Decide what you want"

"Discover what the customer wants"

"Discover what the customer wants- deliver plus one"

Have a think about these points and then think about what makes you go back to your favourite shop, supplier, etc.

Often it's more than just the product- it's the smile, it's the friendliness, it's the communication, it's the seller who goes beyond your expectations.

From an ebay perspective, we're encouraged as buyers to check out the feedback scores and comments. If you're anything like me, you look for the "neutrals" and "negatives" and we want to know what the issue is/was.

I like the to see scores of 100% and all green marks in the feedback...

And while on the topic of feedback- you're meant to score the buyer on their actions in terms of your sale- not wait to see what feedback they leave you, before doing the same!

If they pay promptly or have good communication with you- let them know via the feedback. Don't wait for theirs and do a "tit for tat" score- it's not a true reflection of their performance....


To the buyer-

Now to you, the customer. Again a bit of courtesy to the seller doesn't go astray.

If you don't understand something about the product- ask! (Before the auction ends)

If you want to know postage rates- ask! (Before the auction ends)

Remember the terms of sale- they're there for a reason- please abide by them!

Remember that it costs a seller to advertise an item and you agree to the terms (ebay's and the sellers) before confirming your bid.

After you've won the auction, be prompt in your payment, or communicate with the seller if there's an issue. Certainly from my perspective, if there's a legitimate issue, that's fine- as long as you tell me.....

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