How Do You Think Our Leaders Rate?

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How do you think our leaders rate as team leaders and team members?  

Dr Adam Fraser is one of Australia's foremost experts in the area of amplifying workplace performance.  

In his article "Embrace your dysfunction" in Fast Money Magazine, he gives us four steps to being a great leader.  

Step 1:  Check out your behaviour in an open-minded and detached way.  Do you create dramas?  Are you over sensitive?  Do you engage in gossip?  Are you reasonable?  

Step 2:  Explore the impact your behaviour has on people around you.  Could you be more keen, concerned, involved or kindly?  

Step 3:  Become open to receiving feedback.  Let them tell you how it is.  

Step 4:  Although your ego might have a freak-out with Step 3, take the feedback and consider it objectively.  

I don't know if our leaders observe these steps.  However they would certainly hear what people, in any given moment, think of them due to constant media reports and social networking sites.

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