How Does Amber Heal?

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Amber is so special because it contains some of the highest amounts of succinic
acid found in nature (3-8%).

Succinic acid is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps to fight toxic free radicals.
It is a natural component of plant and animal tissues and its presence in the
human body can be beneficial in many ways.

It is particularly therapeutic when worn in jewellery, as contact with skin warms
the amber. This allows it to release small amounts of oil (containing succinic
acid) and be absorbed into the skin.

Europeans have been using amber for centuries as an anti-biotic and a pain
reliever. Teething necklaces are a common remedy. Many will testify to their
ability to calm a teething child and take the edge off their discomfort without
the need for drugs.

Important Tip: If buying a teething necklace for your child, make sure the beads
are secured individually (this eliminates the risk of choking if the necklace gets
broken) and always take it off your child before they go to sleep.

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