How Does Wii Motion Plus Work

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Wii Motion Plus Explained

The new Wii motion accessory from nintendo has basically made the amazing wii mote 100% better. Now when you're playing games like table tennis or golf, the game reacts to the position your wrist is in so it's like you're actually there.

When you're going shopping for games, look out for the wii motion plus logo so you know in advance whether you will need a wii motion or not.

Check out the list of games below that work with the Wii Motion Plus

  • Wii Sports Resort
  • Virtua Tennis 2009
  • EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis
  • Crazy Mini Golf
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10
  • Red Steel 2
  • Academy of Champions
  • Gladiator A.D
  • The Grinder
  • Span Smasher
  • Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked

The good thing is when you buy a game that's bundled with the Wii motion plus it will include a longer silicon jacket to protect your wiimote. The only problem is that because of it's increased length, it won't fit in your  accessories that you already own.

At the moment there is no way around it really, as the wii motion plus is so new accessory makers have not started making accessories that include the extra length.From the manufacturers point of view, I think it's a bit of a tough decision. Some people may just be happy to just buy another wiimote and just leave it in their wii steering wheel or wii zapper so it's ready to pickup and play straight away.

How Does The Wii Motion Plus Actually Work?

Before I explain how the wii motion plus does its thing, i'll explain how the Wii mote actually works. Inside your wiimote, there's a silicon chip.This is called an accelerometer, and inside this chip are silicon springs that anchor a silicon wafer to the controller. When you wave the controller through the air attacking an enemy the wafer presses onto the springs, just like when you accelerate really quickly in the car and you're forced back in your seat. The faster that the controller "accelerates" the more the waver moves compared to the rest of the chip that's stuck to the controller.

The accelerometer that's in the Wiimote is thinner than a 5 cent piece, can be fit 12 times onto something the size of a postage stamp, and they are cheaper to buy than $6 per unit. They're also tough enough to measure forces 3 times the pull of gravity in 3 directions - up and down,side to side and forward and backwards. It also uses gravity to determine where it is in space, such as holding it like a golf club or horizontally like a gun.

So now you have an idea about the accelerometer, it's time to introduce the Gyroscope! A company called InvenSense makes motion sensing products for Nintendo. You generally find gyroscopes in GPS and CAR stability control systems. They're a lot larger and more expensive, but InvenSense has created a new smaller packaage to fit into the Wiimote. Unfortunatey it still uses a fair bit of battery, so you are going to see a reduced battery life, but that's why you should get a charge dock to fix this problem.

Above Left: The IDG-600 Gyroscope Chip.

Above Right: The chip in it's actual size, just 5 MM.

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