How Long Will Installation Take?

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Quick List

If you are in a Hurry See the table below.
Item Professional Install DIY
Reversing Camera 1 Hour 3 Hours
In Dash GPS 1.5 Hours 3-4 Hours
Headrest DVD Screens 1.5 Hours 3 Hours
Parking Sensors 1.5 Hours 5 Hours
Camera + Headunit 1.75 – 2 Hours 4-6 Hours
Camera + Headunit + Screens 2.5 Hours 6-8 Hours
The times above are a rough guide but they vary so much between the professional and the home handyman because of familiarity.

Why The Difference?

A professional installer has removed the door trims, grommets, boot seals, kick panels and dash trim so many times, that they don’t lose any time working out how to do it without scratching the dash or damaging the clips that keep everything in place.
We have a formula that has proven true time and time again with our customers.
It takes them:
  • 5 hours to get the car apart;
  • 20 minutes to get everything plugged in;
  • 20 minutes to get it back together.
This might be a slight exaggeration but it has rung true so many times. When you are working on your car, new or old, the thought of scratching or breaking anything is going to keep you slow and steady when breaking it down.
There are also a number of things that can add to the time taken to complete.

Incorrect or missing adapters.

One of the biggest time killers on any install is an incomplete or incorrect kit. Having to down tools during an install will annoy the giblets off anyone, more so if you need to put the car back together to go to the shop and get parts,

If you have selected a “Plug & Play” Stereo or system, then you should have the correct:
  • Antenna Adapter
  • Facia (if required)
  • Wiring Harness
  • Steering wheel control Harness
  • Camera Cable and fitting
If this is all correct then YOU need to bring the right kit to the party as well:
  • Screwdrivers (long and Short)
  • 8mm Socket and extension for dash screws (much better than a screwdriver)
  • 13mm Socket for removing car seats
  • 10mm Socket (just in case)
  • Trim Removal tools (to protect your dash and clips)
  • Drill (for parking sensors or keyhole cameras)
  • Tape measure and level (for parking sensors)
  • Wire Strippers
  • Electrical tape or heat shrink
Whether you are getting your new car stereo installed professionally just remember, the installer:
  • Should be insured
  • Have everything they need
  • Provide you with a warranty on the install
  • Provide you with a receipt
  • Return the car undamaged and with everything fitting perfectly

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© Copyright motorformula 2015 all rights reserved.

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