How Much Is Too Much? What Is An Item Really Worth?

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How Much Is Too Much? What Is An Item Really Worth?

Have you ever heard the saying, "One person's trash, is another person's treasure!"?
Well, it's true!

This leads me to my response to what you should be paying for an item.... It all basically comes down to what someone is willing to pay!
You may have a rare collectible, that is valued at a high price, but if you list it at the fee it may be valued at, and nobody buys it, obviously it's to the people who use ebay, and who maybe possible purchasers feel it's over priced.

My suggestion is to look at what similar items already listed in Ebay are selling for, and structure your pricing based on what people seem willing to pay.
Another good tip to consider is to start the auction at a lower price, allowing for the bidding to get to where you would be happy for the item to sell at.


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