How NOT to loose your money!!!

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Alot of people buy and sell on ebay, and some are not as honest as others, Well der I hear you say.  This is a simple guide on what you can do to stop yourself getting burnt.

First, of all consider signing up for a paypal account as they protect you from these nasty people out there, paypal accounts

Second, If they offer you insurance on what you have brought take it. It may seem that you just keep paying out for something but it is safer.  Some buyers feel that if they have paid for express post or registered post that they are safe from the item getting lost, but this is not the case.

Australia Post Almost everyone knows that Aussie post covers their mail for people who use express or registered post, but consider if your package is never sent and the seller is telling you that it is. What if they give you a dodgy tracking number? (which has happened to alot of buyers) Aussie post has not received your package so there for you don't get your money back through them.

Had you brought the sellers insurance, (a) It would be silly of them not to send it in the first place and (b) They would have to replace the package you brought in the first place to comply with ebays policy ebay policy.

If you ever feel that you have been ripped off or treated unfairly your first port of call should be ebays complaint department complaints department. There you will be able to find information on what to do, or you can write them an email and they'll give a personal email in return.

Please keep in mind that ebay is unable get your money back if what you brought is under $25.00.  You should however report these sellers to ebay, because if enough people complain about one seller ebay is then forced to look into the matter.

I wish you all the best buying and selling on ebay.

For all you fantastic sellers out their keep up the great work!   ; )

For all you sellers out their who are not quite as nice, my only advice I can give you is what goes around comes around!!!

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