How *NOT* to lose your eBay account.

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Sounds kind of goofy, doesn't it ? Losing your eBay account, but believe me it's really easy to do. I've done it twice now, and it can be a real pain. Find out what to do to NOT lose your account.

Firstly, make sure that when you bid on an item, you actually want that item. Many a time I have thought to myself "I'd like that...I'll just put the minimum bid on it, and see what happens." Then to my utter shock and despair, I win it!! But in some of those cases I really didn't WANT the item, I just wanted to see what the highest bid would be if I started it off, or something like that. So don't bid for the sheer fun of for things you really want.

Payment. Ah, the thing that some people get all wrong, like me. I've lost payments on PayPal. Lost payments in the banking system. Lost payments sent through the mail, and even lost money in my house when someone was coming to my house to deliver an item ! Make absolutely sure that you do the money thing RIGHT the first time.

For example, cut and paste the account number and BSB from eBay into your bank account to pay for an item. That way you can't make a typo. Same with PayPal. Sending a Money order, just be careful, really careful to write everything down correctly, including all the fiddly letters and numbers of the post codes of country's that you aren't used to.

If you are having trouble paying for something that you have bid on, my absolutely best advice to everyone is to get in touch with the seller at ONCE and let them know. I have even had lay-by on eBay on occassion having arranged it in advance with the seller. How is that for seller service ! If you communicate your position at all times, you will be better off in the long run, and will avoid both negative feedback, and strikes.

The most important thing, of course, is that you will avoid being kicked off eBay for non-payment and bad service, if you just keep in touch with people at all times. Both buyers and sellers will be happier to stretch things a little bit, if not a lot, if you only let them know what is going on.

Don't lose your eBay account for simply not doing the right things. Be a responsible eBayer. You'll be here forever.

Happy eBaying.


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