How NOT to sell on ebay - the crying way

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Why write a guide about what not to do? So you can avoid the sale I just made. Firstly do some market research by searching all in the category of sale to see what is being bid on and what isn't. This will also help you set your bid price so you DON'T start too low like I did (I only had one bid and boy did that buyer just make a killing). NEVERMIND!! The other thing I've learnt - list each item seperately NOT together the buyer just gets too much of a bargain *sob*. Also no matter how pedantic you've been in your item description someone out there will come up with the obsure and get ya. Next joy is postage cost - double what you expect it to cost because then it won't end up costing you money to post it LIKE it did just now for me *happy happy joy joy*. Now the real test of the listing process - how to be paid! GO bankdeposit, or bank/postal cheque unless youy're selling volume plus. Why you ask - BECAUSE first you have to set up a special paypay account, and then that costs you the seller to be paid by AND THEN you can only transfer over $15.00 or more to your nominated bank account (do unknown almost hidden frustrations ever cease????).  So I hope this helps you on the internets biggest market place to avoid things like making a whopping 30 cents profit on your next auction, not that I can get to it cause hey my auction was the pits and I haven't enough in my PP account to transfer the funds (GOD I knew I shoulda just sent the damn things to the op shop). But has this dampened my enthusiasm, hell NO where else can you pay so little to have so much fun??"



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