How To Apply Your PERFUME The Correct Way

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Coco Chanel said you should pur your fragrance everywhere you expect to be kissed.

The smell of fragrance changes after you put it on because perfume is made up of a mixture of essences - called 'notes' - which evaporate from your skin at different rates.

  • Top Notes are the first thing you smell when you spray on your fragrance. Mostly citrus, fruity and green aromas; they last around 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Middle Notes develop later. These warmer notes, mainly floral and woody, last two to three hours.
  • Bas Notes give depth to a fragrance. Lasting four to six hours, these are the richest notes, such as marine, musk, vanilla and amber.

How to Apply You Perfume for Maximum Benefit.

  • Put on perfume berfore you get dressed - apply it to pulse points, like your neck and wrists.
  • Spray from arm's length, so fragrance doesn't concentrate in one place.
  • Alternately, spray a perfume cloud and walk through it.
  • Don't over-do it - three sprays of eau de parfum or five of eau de toilette are plenty.
  • For a lasting fragrance, layer your scent using matching body wash, lotion and perfume.
  • Scent rises so put some perfume behind your knees and also on your ankles.

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