How To Be A Good Seller On Ebay And How To Make Money!!

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Hi this is a guide for new ebay members who want to sell their items.
Hello and welcome to this guide for new eBay members who want to sell their items.
First to sell your items on ebay you have to let other ebay members know that you are a trusted member and to do that you have to have GOOD FEEDBACK.
To do this you can buy a few cheap ebooks on ebay.
Once you have about over 20-40 feedbacks received,you can start selling.

To list your item for sale on ebay you have to create a page,to do that click the SELL tab at the top left of the ebay page.
The click Advance Sell and click START SELLING.
You will then be taken to a page where you have to choose a category for your item.
You can choose the category yourself or enter keywords to describe your item and ebay will give you suggestions,just click one or more categories and click continue.

You will then be taken to a page to fill out information.
The first thing you will have to fill in is the "Title"
The "Title" is very important as that is what the buyers see when they search for an item.
There is a limited amount of characters you can use (55 letters)make sure you use nearly all of them and jam-pack it with info as it will show to more potential bidders.

You have to fill in the item condition such as New,Used,New Without Tags and so on.
Make sure you tell the truth as you could get in trouble if your not and you have to be honest on ebay.

Ebay gives you an option to upload photos to show potential bidders,I would highly suggest you upload photos as some people say they are over 80% more likely to buy your item.
The first photo is FREE and then you pay a charge for every extra photos and pay for zoom and more advantages,in some catogeries let you list 12 photos for FREE!

This step involves writing your DESCRIPTION,this is the most important thing on your listing.
Always tell the truth when you list an item and always list the slightest things as they could be crucial,make sure you include alot of information,and postage charges and anything you have to.

This is the step were you put in your starting price or BUY IT NOW PRICE.
Put in your starting price if you are listing an auction,this should be the minium price you want for your item.
If you ar listing Buy It Now your item will not sell for more or less than that price.
Then you need to choose how long you want to auction to last for this could be for
1 Day
3 Day
5 Day
7 Day
10 Day Auction.
If you choose a one day auction poeple would see it in the ending soon section and could get a lot of bids.
But if you choose the longest time(10 Day) this would mean more people would be able to see your listing throught out the 10 days.
If you want to schedule a listing,which means that it will be listed at a set time.
But the Key is to make sure your item ends on a Saturday Or Sunday around 18:00 to 00:00 this is when most ebay members will be online at this time.
But you can let your listing end at any time and you could still get a lot of bids.

This is a very nice step,this step is where you choose how you would like to get paid such as
Postal Order
Credit Card
Bank Draft
and so on....
but the most popular way to get paid on ebay is PAYPAL(see paypal fees)you need a paypal account to accept PayPal Payment.(Before you get a paypal account agree to their fees.)

 In this step you enter your postage information.
You choose were you want to send your item.
You can choose to post to your country ONLY
Post to Europe Or Worldwide.
Before you enter the fees for postage go to the post office to see how much the item would cost to send to a certain destination or look it up on your local postal companie's website.

Here you choose wether you accept returns or not,I would reccomend you accept returns as buyers feel safer,and if your honest in your listing you will not have any returns.

This is the final step.
This is were you review your item and add extras(if you want).
In this final step you accept ebay FEES please make sure you understand ebay fees and make sure you pay your fees.

Thanks for taking time to view this and check out my items,don't forget to rate and hope this helps.

(This is for educational purposes only,any faults are to yourself)
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