How To Be A Strong Competitior In The eBay Market.

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Have you ever encountered a situation where other sellers come in to the play, and sell the exact same product as you, yet they completely ruin the price by selling it much cheaper?

How do you recover yourself as a seller and stay in the game? Well, it may seem tough at first, but you will need to drop your price. The first thing you will need to do is purchase more of what you are selling. This way you will be acquiring more stock, and will be getting more of a discount in doing so.

The second step you will need to take is to open an eBay store if you do not already have one. This shows you are a serious seller and are safe to shop with. And you will have more authority. Study your competitiors descriptions, think about any points they may have missed to mention, thus giving you the opportunity to not make the same mistake. Having an eBay store entitles you to promote your items even cheaper, as the listing fees within an eBay store are much lower.

Always use more than one image in your listings. Using more than one image provides you with more chances of your item being sold. One image simply isn't enough.

eBay have several promotional features that are readily available for sellers that want to take their business to the next level. Though these features do cost more, it can be well worth it when you are selling more of your stock, by then this shall be more than enough to cover the costs.

Look closely at your item titles decription. Include as many words as you can, and you will be found in more searches.

You will also need to work on your feedback score. Buyers love looking at a sellers score, and seeing  positve feedback, they will feel safe and secure in shopping with you. You will need to be timely efficient in answering any queries that a potential buyer may have. And of course, be timely efficient when posting the winning buyers item to them.

Thankyou, we hope this helps.

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