How To Become A Chef #3

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Hi there, thanks for tuning in. This is part 3 of "How To Become A Chef".

Do you handle criticism well?  It will be almost inevitable that you will encounter some people who will not like your cooking for any reason, and they will most likely send their food back. It helps if you can take the criticism and take it in your stride. Food critics will also have opinions so be prepared for that as well. If you are not able to handle the criticism of others, it wil not leave you much room to improve.

A good chef will always know that improvement begins with criticism. Have you ever heard of the old saying " The customer is always right"? Well in this profession it is definitely true.

How is your business sense? Cooking is a business; you will need to know the basics of business in order to run a kitchen of your own. To be a good chef, you must be able to handle the business aspect of a restaurant, especially if you are planning on becoming an executive chef, or if you plan to run your own place someday.

Are you a people person?  Being a chef requires you to be in touch with many people during the day and you will need to be able to deal with them in a diplomatic fashion. Many people think that being in a kitchen all day doesn't require you to be in much contact with the public, but that's far from the truth. As the chef, you will encounter many people during the course of your day. You will be talking with employees, customers, delivery persons etc. It is all part of being a head chef and you will do this on a daily basis, so be prepared for it!

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