How To Buy A Quality Mens Tie Online

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How To Buy A Quality Necktie Online

Few fashion accessories can enhance an outfit like a necktie. And every man should have at least a dozen good ties in the wardrobe. They are especially soaught after for Wedding where groomsmen are required to have matching plain coloured ties. Alos events such as Formals or special occasions require the correct tie to match with outher outfits and decor.
With a range of choice and price points, its important to choose wisely when selecting your new tie. Paying attention to all the details below will help ensure you purchase a quality necktie at a fair price. With cheap, low quality ties on the market from Asian sellers, we want to provide you with the following points in this article, you’ll at least know what quality of tie your’re getting for your money.

The highest quality made ties in the world are made from fine silk. When budgets don’t allow, high quality satin synthetic fabrics give a similar rich sheen, smooth texture and straight drape of silk for a fraction of the price. Look for smoothness and flexibility in the surface.

Check to see if the fabric has been cut “on the bias” — across the bolt of cloth — by draping the tie over your hand.  If it hangs straight it was cut properly.  If it curls and twists to one side or the other it was not cut on the bias, and is not going to hang as neatly.

The purpose of the lining is to make tying the tie easier and to prevent it from wrinkling.

Three-Piece Consturction:
Neckties are made by joining multiple lengths of cloth together (remember how they’re made from cloth cut across the bolt rather than down it A quality tie will be made from three pieces of fabric, while a cheaper one will be made from only two.
Cheaper ties often use two lengths instead of three.  The third panel sits neatly around the neck, which helps the ends of the tie hang more smoothly.  Any tie where the seams are visible on the outside is, of course, poorly-made and not worth considering.

A hand-rolled and hand-stitched hem keeps a much better shape than a machine-made one.

The Tie’s Slip Stitch - If you open the back of a necktie up slightly and see a loose black thread hanging lengthwise down the inside, it’s not a manufacturing defect.  That’s the “slip stitch” — an extra stitch made down the center of the tie so that the fabric can shift up and down slightly as you tie it.

What you can still look for on quality ties is the “bar tack.”  The name is a little misleading — it’s actually a small horizontal stitch on the back of the tie, right where the wide end splits to form the tip, holding the two sides together.  This helps keep the tie’s shape and is often absent on mass-produced ties.

Pick a tie that hits the top of your belt buckle and measures between 2 and 4 inches (5cm - 10cm) wide.  Standard length ties are 57-59” or 145-150cm

Match colours. Select a tie that has the colors of your suit and shirt as well as at least one other color to provide an accent. For formal occasions, choose a solid colored tie that’s darker than your shirt. A solid tie is the most versatile of all neckties because it is appropriate with everything.
A dark tie is appropriate for business wear. Pairing it with a khaki or blue shirt evokes military uniform authority.  A black tie goes with everything and is suitable for all occasions from funerals to work. It's also ideal for hiding stains. Younger men, or men living in warmer climates, tend to prefer colorful ties (and shirts).

Look for a tie that goes well with your dress shirt. This tie will be kept for best. Make sure it has a nice balance or color to it so that it looks good. Match to yourself.  Frame your face. If you have dark hair and a dark complexion, go with a bright tie; if you’re fair, choose a darker tie. If your hair and skin tone contrast, wear a tie that contrasts with your skin tone. When in doubt, stay subtle; while a tie can be the focal point of an outfit, it’s an accessory and shouldn’t pull the focus away from you.

Casual Styling:
Take care with weekend wear. The addition of a tie to casual weekend wear is something to be done with discretion. You don't want to dress it up too much as casual shirts aren't supposed to look as if they're about to go to the office or the annual director's dinner. The way around this is to wear a simple, classic tie over casual shirts with a simple plain pattern.

Tie Correctly:
The tip of a properly-tied necktie should reach just past the trouser waist.
The skinny end should reach almost as far, an inch or so shorter at the very most.  A skinny end that only comes down halfway makes the tie lack body and sway more, and often pokes out from behind if it isn’t pinned in place. Taller men may have to buy custom ties, or at least specific “long” sizes, to be able to tie a satisfactory knot and still have a long enough tail for balance. Shorter men can tie a larger knot like a half- or even full Windsor to use up extra cloth as needed.

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