How To Buy A Right Size Garment Online

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Since size can vary depending on make, style, material and individual's own idea of sizing, it is important for buyers to check measurements when buying garments online. Here is our advice:

Please check your own body measurements and compare to the measurements provided for the garment, and allow extra room for body movement, stretch and any other garments you may wear underneath it. It is also important to look at the fitting style of a garment. For example, if it is a tight fitted strapless dress, you won't need extra room because it is a skin tight hugging style; if it is a coat or jacket, you will need lots of room for body movement, stretch and garments underneath, in this case, the best way to get a right size is to compare the measurements of your own good fitting coat or jacket to the one you want to buy online, so you will get a better idea about the fitting of the coat or jacket. For stretch material garments, for example, in our store we normally provide To-fit measurements, if your body measurements are within the To-fit measurements, the garment will most likely to fit you well. With non-stretch garments, if any of your body measurements is larger than the garment's measurement of the corresponding area, the garment will be most likely too small for you.

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