How To Buy Men's Shirts/T-Shirts & Jackets That Actuality Fits

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Guidelines To Buying Men's Shirts/T-Shirts & Jackets
Buying clothing online my be a new thing for many people and also the fact that you can't try on the clothing is a huge aspect that scares of a lot of people this guide is going to be showing you what to look for when buying men's clothing online.

To kick it off you need to know your size & accurate measurements of the clothing that will fit you be for even thinking about buying clothing online.

Once you have got your size and accurate measurements now it's time to look for seller which have good feed back and most importantly having accurate measurements of the clothing they are selling. Size is not always the go to! All clothing is made differently this is why I HIGHLY RECOMMEND only buying clothing which provides the measurements.

E.g look for seller which include measurements such as: 
  1. Pit To Pit (Across the chest)
  2. Length ( Collar to hem)
  3. Sleeves length ( Shoulder seam to cuff)
These are the three main measurements to you need know to get that nice perfect fit! "how do I know this well I had much success selling clothing using these three basic measurement other may different selling platforms and never hearing of the clothing now fitting.

Hopefully this short and sweat guide changes the way you buy clothing online! Let's face it no one looks good in clothing which dose not fit!
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