How To Care For The Wheels Of Your Dishwasher

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The smooth movement of your cutlery basket in and out of the dishwasher is dependant on the working of the dishwasher wheels. Whenever you have problems with the rolling of your upper or lower racks the first thing you should check for are the dishwasher wheels. Here are a few things you can do to ensure a smooth slide for a long time:

1. Obstruction free!: Ensure there aren’t any obstructions blocking the wheel’s path. Do not try to push the baskets inside if it isn’t moving; you’ll end up breaking the wheels. Instead check the ledge for obstacles.

2. Fight the rust: Some dishwasher wheels have a metal axle and as with most metals, it tends to rust. Rusting, as you know, can weaken any structure; dishwasher wheels stand no chance! In such a scenario, you can do one of two things. You can either replace your dishwasher wheels (check our dishwasher spare parts collection if you need one) or you can clean the rust and apply rust resistant paint. The problem with the second option is that paints are not exactly harmless and using them in an appliance used for washing utensils is a bit on the risky side.

3. “Nick” the problem in the bud: Check for nicks in the ledge, which could be contributing to a bumpy ride for your wheels. If not solved in the beginning, those nicks could worsen, putting unnecessary strain on your dishwasher wheels.

These pointers could help you keep your dishwasher wheels in prime condition.

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