How To Choose A Great Book

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How To Choose A Great Book

With the lage number of books for sale on eBay it can sometimes be daunting if you are not looking for a specific title or authour to choose a great book. Here's how to start:

If you have a particular genre you like then make sure you search that category. Also search for other books by your favourite author. Sometimes it's good to get out of your usual genre. You'll often often find yourself pleasantly surprised like I often am.If you are going out completely on a limb then there are a number of basic guides to making that ultimate fantastic selection:-

  •  Look at the Cover Artwork

This sounds like your about to 'judge a book by it's cover' however the cover artwork of a book can tell you a lot about the contents. Remember a 'picture is worth a thoudsand words'! Sometimes publishing houses do get wrong though so read on for my other tips.

  •  Cover Front

Look at the font used for the title - a clean arial type font would indicate something modern or hard-edged, whereas a flowing script would indicate nostalgic historical/romance perspectives. If the authors name is more prominent than the title it's usually because the author is particularly well known and the book is being sold on this merit.

  •  Back Cover Synopsis and Reviews

Don’t trust books that have no synopsis on the back. Check the reviews are from reputable known sources such as other respected authors not just Publisher's Weekly Woman's Day! This will give you an idea of the quality of the book. The reviews shouldn't take up more room than the synopsis. Watch out for flowery words used to describe the book, rely mopre on your impression of the synopsis than a description of the book by some unknown person.

  •  Author Photo

Sometimes you can get a good idea about the type of mind that wrote the book by the type of photo they are willing to submit to be published. Barbara Cartland's photo gives a pretty accurate type of portrayal of the type of mind and genre she wrote for, allowing all readers of quality fiction a portal for instant escape!

  •  The Spine

What you want to lok for here is the publishing house. You will always know that penguin publishes quality fiction but there are a number of smaller publishing houses catering to niche markets. For example - New York Review Books, Straus & Girroux and Farrar publish good quality literary fiction. Soft Skull or Grove Press publish edgy stuff, and for feminist stuff check out Seal Press and Milkweed. Also, if you have read a book you particularly like note the publisher and look for other titles they have published.

  •  Read bestsellers.

Review the bestseller lists (available in newspapers, online, or at your library or bookstore) and make sure you follow the steps above to hit your target book. You can also read a Book club's recommendation. It is usually very rewarding to find a book club in your area and read its selection. Book clubs often explore a variety of material—bestsellers, books by local authors or about topics of local importance, or subject matter that appeals to the demographics of the group. You'll also have a group of avid readers with whom to discuss the book.Of course you can always join an online bookclub and network globally!

  • Ask Friends And Aquaintances What They Read.

If you facebook people will often list their favourite books! Just make sure this person is someone whose taste you respect and with whom you share some interests. One friend of mine had anovel approach; she would go to the library, pick up the first three books she touched randomly, open it to the first page and skim a few paragraphs. A great book will grab you and you'll know you've found a book worth reading.She would then take them home to read and let all her friends know of the  unexpected gems she discovered.  You can also find out what your favorite authors are reading or what works influenced them to discover interesting new reads.

  • Read What The Seller Says
A bookseller who knows the book will be an invaluable resource. You will easily know if you can trust what the seller has written about the book by the emotion the bookseller uses. Is the bookseller describing the book like an  old friend - well loved for it's content and appreciated? If not the seller is probably just selling any old book and doesn't care what it is as long as they make some money. Always buy your books from a bookseller that loves their books and knows what their talking about. This way you can get to build a trusting relationship with them. Also see if they offer a bookclub or forum for discussing books you and other members have read. This is a great way of learning about new reads and interacting in the global village!

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