How To Choose A Personal Trainer – Get Results!

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I get asked regularly from friends, how do you select a personal trainer? Personal trainers motivate clients to achieve fitness goals.  When selecting a trainer there are several factors to keep in mind.
  1. Someone that you feel comfortable working around, because you’re going to spend quite a bit of time with them, and they’re going to have to know a lot about your body and how it operates, as well as your personal goals, so that someone, you’ve got to feel comfortable opening up to and discussing those goals with.
  2. Credentials. Are they a trained professional? Their background and success rate is also important. The last thing you want is you spending time with someone that’s not going to put you closer to achieving your goals. In choosing a trainer again, check credentials, certifications, level of education and background because that demonstrates their level of commitment to their craft.
  3. Interview them! When choosing a personal trainer, keep in mind that you are essentially taking on an employee–this person will be charged with improving your health and wellness, and you should be extremely discriminating in your interviewing process. Because personal trainers come from various backgrounds and espouse different fitness philosophies, interview questions must be targeted to your goals and expectations.

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