How To Choose The Right Guitar Cable, Cord, Lead.

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Sound First
The first factor you need to focus on when buying a guitar cable is whether to get a balanced or unbalanced cable.
Balanced wires have less noise because they have two legs, a positive and negative leg or sometimes called the hot and, cold conductors.
The same signal runs along these legs but are of opposite polarity, which helps in canceling out the noise.
When an audio signal runs through the balanced cable, both the hot and cold conductors carry the same signal.
The cold signal runs at an inverted phase, in contrast to the hot conductor.
When the signal is received by the end device, the cold signal is inverted and added to the hot signal, retaining the original sound.
Balanced cables go through this process to avoid interference, as the signal returns to its original terminal at the receiving end.
Due to this design of the hot and cold conductors, any interference that would normally occur during the process is canceled out, so that only the purest audio signal reaches the end device.
Unbalanced cables don’t have a positive and negative leg, and can experience more noise than balanced cables.
This is due to nearby radio frequencies or electromagnetic fields that may be causing interference along the wires.
Keeping unbalanced wires short can reduce the chances of the cables picking up noise, but in my opinion, it's best to go with a balanced cord, to avoid a Spinal Tap moment.
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The Look
The second factor is that the materials used for the center conductor, insulation, electrostatic shield, the shield and the outer jacket are of good quality,
but more importantly, that the outer layer is strong, like the woven or braided cables.
You can have a cord with a pure gold core, but if the outer layer becomes damaged, weakening or breaking the circuit, the cable is useless.
The last factor is how it looks. Let's face it, you can have the most amazing sound, but if your cable clashes with your guitar, it interferes with the overall "vibe" of your performance or recording.
I personally got tired of using the same old boring black rubber leads with a weak signal. So I started using the woven braided ones and haven't looked back since.
I hope I have been helpful. Kind regards, Matt.
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