How To Choose the Right Scale For You!

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96% of Australian homes own either a Bathroom or Kitchen scale, making it one of the most popular home appliances, however only 4% gave any thought as to why they were buying one. This is reason why we have put together this industry white paper. To help you Know why you are buying a scale, and ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

* There are 651 Sets of scales sold on eBay every Month

* The Average Person uses their scales only twice every 3 months

* It has been proven that people who use Scales regularly are Three times more likely to lose weight, and keep off than people who don’t.

* Professional Chefs don’t go a day without using Kitchen Scales

Now you’re probably sitting there thinking “well, why do I want a scale?”

Below I am sharing with you The 7 Secrets Questions You Must Answer to before Buying a Scale:

1. When you look in the mirror, do you think to yourself “Gosh I look perfect”?

2. What is my BMI?

3. Body Fat Percentage?

4. Weight?

5. Am I Rapidly achieving my weight management goals?

6. Am I eating the right amounts to achieve my goals?

7. Does my cooking taste like it’s from a 5 start restaurant?

If you answered No or don’t know, to any of the questions numbered 1-6, then what you Need is a scale with the right features that is accurate enough to help your achieve your health and weight management goals.

If you didn’t answer yes to question 7, Don’t worry, All you need is a good quality Kitchen scale, and your cooking will take a huge leap forward and will be bursting in flavour.

 “I realised that summer was coming, and it was time to shed those winter pounds. By knowing that my goal was to lose weight, The Scale House was able to recommend the right Body Fat Scale package to suit my needs” - Fleur

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