How To Clean Your Jewellery - including Pandora

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With all jewellery including pandora's the only way anyone ever suggested to me on how to clean them safely is with a polishing cloth and or warm soapy water . I found the polishing cloth to be dirty, time consuming work and for the soap it will still leave a film of residue on the silver and doesn't clean in the threads of a pandora bracelet. With all pandora's each bead is special to the individual and I wasn't willing to risk any of them breaking down due to inadequate cleaning. I also needed a product that would be safe to use on all my silver, gold, precious stones (including pearls) and beads without tarnishing them.

With all this in mind I needed a quicker, safer and a more cost effective way to keep my pandora's (jewellery) clean. After much searching I developed a product that was all natural, was not going to damage my jewellery in anyway, was going to cost me half as much and best of all was only going to take me 5 minutes to clean. I was hooked. Place jewellery in the jar provided with about 50mls of solution, or enough to cover the jewellery, use the brush to get inside the threads, rinse well to remove the last of the grime and polish if needed. I have made this all available as a kit as well as selling discount packs.

We all have precious pieces of jewellery that bring back special memories. Whether it be your engagement & wedding rings, to special necklaces or the lastest memory maker - your charm bracelets, they all take time and money to keep them in excellent condition. You can now keep them in great condition for around 5 mins every 2 −3 months.    shimmerjewellerycleaner

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