How To Cleanse your Crystals

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How To Cleanse Your Crystal

Once you've selected the perfect little treasure for you and taken it home, you're going to want to cleanse your crystal and know that you have a beautiful blank canvas ready to create something amazing.

Again there is lots and lots of ways a crystal can be cleansed and some of them can be freakishly complicated. I tend to like to keep things simple and uncomplicated, I don't want any part of this amazing journey to feel like a chore and every interaction with your crystal should be a joy, a time to develop and strengthen what you feel about, with and from your crystal.

I have 2 ways that are my preference for cleansing crystals effortlessly and effectively.

When you get your crystal home simply hold it under running tap water (I like slightly warm water but it's not essential) . As you hold it there for a couple of moments imagine any unwanted energy being washed down the drain with water. Picture the water flowing away to a special place where Mother Nature can recycle the energy into something positive. I like to picture a vegie patch, a rose garden or a rainforest. I ask that the energy I've washed away be used for good. I often say to people imagine it like putting manure on the garden. It creates a win-win situation and a positive energetic cycle.

I like to do this with all new crystals I bring home (including those that we sell in our store). I don't have a set schedule for when I re-cleanse my crystals. I usually like to time it with a full moon and place them in the light of the moon overnight after cleansing them.

Another quick and effective method is to waft or hold the crystal in incense or smudging smoke. As I hold the crystal I watch the smoke flow in and around my fingers, over the crystal and off into the air around me. I picture the unwanted energy being carried off with the fragrant smoke where it is dispersed and transformed into beautiful, peaceful vibes free to flow to the Universe.

Crystals can also be cleansed in the ocean, buried in the earth, passed through sacred flame, with the use of a pendulum, simply holding the crystal out and asking for a particular angel/spirit to cleanse and bless it, sound (using a bell, tuning forks or singing bowl), with the use of other crystals or with a pendulum.

A little "quick fix" I like to use is to simply blow onto the crystal as you hold it in your hand. This simple process pushes away the energy no longer required and places your own personal imprint onto it. I like to think of it like a dandelion flower. The energy that is blown away is like little seeds released to create new, beautiful growth. The breath going into the crystal is like a breath of new life that will give purpose and energy to it.

Blessings and enjoy the journey.




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