How To Get Your Bikini Body Back...!!!

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Whether you need to lose a few kilos or more than a few, I have a few steps that will get you back on track and get your body bikini ready!
Ok, so you want to trim, tone and tighten those troublesome areas that seem to never go away? 
Maybe you have wondered how to go about it, or maybe you think it's too hard? You could never have the dream body you have longed for?
Well I am here to tell you that YES it is possible, and with a little dedication and willpower, you will be sporting a worthy beach body in no time!
The ultimate #1 Rule to start getting a leaner body and start decreasing your bodyfat percentage is... NUTRITION! Yes, your diet plays a major role in decreasing your body fat.
If you stick to an 80/20 rule, where you eat clean wholesome foods for 80% of the time, you will start to look and feel so much healthier inside and out. You are allowed one cheat day per week, this doesn't mean that you can go nuts and consume your daily caloric intake at one meal! You will be blowing about 3+ days of being good! Just make sure that your cheat day or meal, is worth it.
The #2 Rule is to have a solid training program to back up your clean eating habits. When combined correctly, these 2 powerful components will transform your body into a new you. You will need to be continuous with your program for a minimum of 4 weeks. However for long term results a minimum 8-12 weeks is recommended.
Some might say they are too busy to make the gym, or they can't afford it.. Well the great news is that you do not need a gym membership!
BODYWEIGHT training works absolute wonders and the range of exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home are amazing! I swear by bodyweight training, and you will find yourself so much stronger.
You do not need fancy equipment for your cardio aspect of training.. Think outside the square...
Find a hill, sprint up it, walk back down, as this will be your rest period, and continue for up to 30 minutes back and forth. This type of trainnig whether it be on a spin bike, treadmill, stepper, or done outdoors as I explained in the hill sprints, is called High Intensity Interval Training. It is the best cardio method for fat loss.
Say bye to slow long boring walks, that does nothing for your body after the workout has finished. With High Intensity Inteval Training, your body will continue to burn calories even at rest for up to 48 hrs after your workout is done.
With determination for that hot rockin bod, all you need to do is combine these 2 methods, and you will be suprised at how your body transforms.
If you are wondering where you should start, there are numerous programs for training methods and nutrition programs available on the internet both free of charge and available to purchase.
A good way to keep a track of your progress is to take measurements on the morning you start a program, and be sure to take photos. As your body builds muscle, the scale may lie to you.. so to speak, therefore it is wise to take regular weekly measurements so you know the real truth. You can be building lean muscle and losing fat at the same time, but the scale might read you as a heavier weight. This is normal as your muscles are growing bigger.
Well, i could go on and on about this topic as  I have a passion for the fitness industry, but I will leave you with this info and trust that you get yourself into gear and transform your body into a new you!
Cheers & Thanks For Stopping By.
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