How To List An Item Professionally

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How To List An Item Professionally

Right, so your probably new to eBay or just want to list an item professionally. I'm going to
start with the fundamental statistics of listing professionally.

#1. The, Title

So you have a brand new Nintendo Wii Console that you won but you have already have one so you are about to list it on eBay. Tell Me which title you would be more likely to click on if two items came up in the search section.

a) Wii Console Console New with games.                                                            Bids: 2 AU $100.00 7d14h
b) BNIB WII CONSOLE W/ AWESOME GAMES + CONTROLLERS               Bids: 2 AU $100.00 7d13h

I'm guessing you would have piced title b. Obviously it caught your attention! There are about 1000 items shown, when searched up. So, you can imagine the average buyer isnt going to individually look through each title! Thats why you MUST have an eye catching titles. Be creative, even stretch it a bit! Remember, you are the salesman trying to get as much interest on your item so it sells at a high price! Also remember, the more interest means more bids, which means a higher price and of course that means more cash for you!


If you have enough space left in the title, let them know your an aussie seller. Say *aussie seller* or *aussie*, because Australian buyers are more likely to click on an that just because you've already told them the item is for sale from an Australian buyer.

#2. The, Picture

Most eBay sellers will have found a few items in the house, maybe just getting rid of their old consoles. The thing which plays a major part of the auction is the picture. Most new sellers will just take a quick snap in the bedroom, and in the background their might be other games, maybe their computer.

------------------DO NOT DO THIS------------------------HERES WHY--------------------------

When it comes to taking a photo, take an extra couple of minutes setting up your own little photo shoot. If you dont have a backdrop, use a sheet, and make sure you take it from a good angle, with perfect lighting!

You want to make it as easy for the buyer to see the image. An old friend of mine once said to me, "You want the buyer, to look at the photos and be able to determine everything, just as if they picked it up in a store, and examined it from all angles".

So take photos from a couple angles...if its a console, then take photos of the Seriel No. etc.

#3. The, Description

The description. Probably the most important part of the auction, once the buyer has clicked on your item. Your description can changes a buyers mind simply, due to lack of information. Okay, lets say your looking at buying a used car in 1998.

Here are the different items.

a) Holden Commodore 1998 Used.

For sale is a holden commodor 1998, in used condition.

b) Holden Commodore 1998 Model, Good Condition!

For sale is Holden Commodore, purchased in 1998. It is in Good condition. Seats Need a clean, but everything has been serviced and in working order. Happy Bidding!

Im sure, almost positive, you would be more interested in buying Holden commodore b). Why? Because it tells you about the item. When you go into a store, lets say JB HI FI and ask about a iPod Touch. Will they just say, "yeah, its good, and its 8GB". OF COURSE NOT! So why you have lack of information in an auction.

Remember, You want the seller to know the same about the item on eBay, if they went to a shop and asked an assistent to tell them about the item, because the easier it is for the buyer to understand about the item, the more likely they are going to bid!


Also try to use colours, and don't overdo the "terms and conditions"/ Just say the simple ones like. Payment within 7 days, bidders to contact me within 48hrs of winning.


If the item you are selling, lets say, is a second hand DVD and it has scratches on it. Let the buyers know the exact spefications about it, but as i said before, try to strectch it. For Example, "The disc has some scratches, however this does not affect the performance of the DVD" instead of, "The disc is pretty scratched up and comes with no warranty".

Remember, your trying to SELL the item!

#4. The Postage And The Discounts

This can be very rewarding if you have multiple items for sale, especially of the same genre. For Example, if you have 10 Playstation 3 Games for sale, all seperatly, and your charging $5 for Regular Postage for each game, then offer postage discounts. An example is below. When it comes to postage, dont overprice, as this can be a big turn off. IF postage is at a low price, the bidder is more likely to spend more on the auction, were as, if the postage was at a high price, the buyer might only be willing to place a low bid. Also, make sure you offer registered postage, which just means the item can be tracked via AUSTRALIA POST and this will only cost an extra $3.


We combine postage for multiple purchases

1 Game = $5.00
2-3 Game = $8.00
4-5 Game = $10.00
5 Games Or More = $11 Flat

The reason for this is that some buyers might be looking at your description and after seeing your postage discounts offer, they most probably will see what other games you have for sale, which means their is a higher chance they will bid on multiple items.


NEVER, offer high shipping prices! Charge the exact amount its going to cost. On small items(envelope size) sometimes offer FREE POSTAGE, it catches the buyers attention.


#5. The, Payment

This can also be a major selling point. IF you are new to eBay, you MUST create a PayPal account, which is basically an online banking/exchange company which is now owned by eBay. Most buyers will pay using PayPal as it is the safest, simplest and smartest way to pay online. You will also want to accept payments like, bank deposit, money order, and if you dont mind buyers coming to your house, offer cash on delivery.

The more kinds of Payments you accept, the more options the buyer will have which means the more likely they will bid, for those specifications. I offer Money Order, PayPal and Bankdeposit. and also cash on delivery for items over a certain price or mesurement, normally 10-20kg or more, or large items.


Dont be fussy on Payment, try to accept the ones i do.

#6. The, Fees

When it comes to fees, eBay can be fairly pricey if your listing and selling many items. Even though you wil pay more in fees, if you have a big pack, try to still list each item individually as the overall price will add up to more than if sold in a pack.

I recommend you pay an extra 0.49c for a gallery photo so that your picture appears alongside the title when searched up. If your selling something of greater value than i recommend paying an extra 0.49c or so for a subtitle, which means you get an additional 55 characters which will appear under the item title.

I don't really recomment offering a buy-it-now price as most buyers will probably bid up to the price which you wanted, unless you are asking for too much. Remember, you can always remove your listing if there is 12hrs-24hrs left in the auction.


Most bidders, will bid on items in the last 30 minutes of the auction
Try to list at about 9-11 o'clock at night. that is the prime eBay time.

I once had an item up to AU $100, and at 32 seconds to go, the item was bid up to and sold for AU $324.00**Which shows that bidders bid at the last minute to guarentee they cant be outbid again!

#7 The, No Zero Feedback Rule, Don't Use It!

Allot of sellers have the, "If you have 0-5 feedback, please email me first before bidding". NEVER USE THIS! In todays modern lazy society, buyers just want to bid! They dont want to have to ask your permission and then wait for an email back to say they can bid!
Sometimes, unfortunatly you will get buyers who wont end up paying or contacting you, which is anoying but it is a fact that more new eBayers will bid on items that existing eBay members!

Remember, the more bidders means higher ending price and in my time ive only ever had 3 non-paying buyers, and the new eBays help bid up the item!

So theres nothing to be affrair of. If they dont pay, its not the end of the world :)



I hope this helps you throughout your journey on eBay. IF you follow my basic rules, your item will look like it has been listed by a proffesional business.


  • Make an eye catching title, stretch it out a bit to lure them in
  • Take a clear, professional photo, using a bakdrop (neutral colours)
  • Make an attractive description, dont over describe, just they details they need to know
    and dont overdo the the "terms and conditions" just the basic
  • Don't Overchare postage and offer shipping discounts for multiple items of the same genre
  • Offer a wide range of acceptable payments and dont be affraid to offer cash on delivery
  • Don't overdo the end "add ons" like making it bald, boarders and elarging features, as
    it just gets too expensive. Use gallery Picture and sometimes subtitle
  • Accept zero feedback bidders! We all had to stay from somewhere!

I hope that you use this wisely, i have spent a long time on writing this. I would appeciate if you rated my article and hopefully i will be making more in the future.

Email me if you have any questions, or enquires, as i would be more than happy to help you.... :)


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