How To Look at Only a Sellers Negative Feedback.

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This guide will show you how to look at an eBay users negative feedback only. This is great when you want to see what someone got their negative feedback for.

The first thing your going to have to do is go to the persons feedback profile page. Make sure it is the feedback profile page and not the "My eBay World" page.

Go to just above the actual feedback comments. There will be a drop down menu labelled " Period". Open this and click on the option labelled " Past 12 Months". Click on the box with " Go" written on it.

When the next screen loads go to the same place again. Just to the left there will be links labelled " Negative" and "Nuetral" etc. If you click on one of these it will show only the feedback that fits under that catagory. Click " Negative" to view only thenegative feedback.

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