How To Manage Your Weight And Tone Up With Garcinai Cambogia

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Look and Feel Fantastic Just By Adding One Extra Thing To Your Daily Routine
Finally there is a low cost, effective supplement  that you can take in conjunction with a healthy diet and an exercise program that may
  • Curb your appetite. - how great is it to be able to carry on your daily life without your mind drifting to food because for once you are not actually hungry between meals.
  • Have more energy through the day to handle all aspects of your busy life.
  • Lets you enjoy the process  of buying that great new outfit that fits comfortably
  • Improve your overall sense of well being - life is good  - enjoy it
  Made in Australia by  Bio-Medicals Garcinia Max Aust L No 217432  (ARTG No.)
Garcinia Cambogia is a pumpkin like fruit that originates in South East Asia. the extract in the supplement comes from the fruit rind and the active ingredient is Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA. It is this ingredient  that has created a buzz in the weight management world.
  • An effective appetite suppressant that helps reduce cravings. 
  • Inhibits the synthesis of fat and accelerates fat metabolism in the body
  • Support the regulation of the stress hormone Cortisol
  • Boost the body's level of Serotonin, increasing fillings of wellbeing
  • Promote the conversion of fat cells into lean muscle mass

Turbo Charge Your Weight  Management Efforts

Each bottle of Bio- Medicals Garcinia Max contains 90 capsules
Recommended Adult Usage 1capsule three times a day 15-30 minutes before meals

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