How To Pick Good or Great Sellers

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1/ check feedback and experiences from other buyers.

2/ do not buy from any one that has less than 89% feedback 

3/ exception to this would be is some buyers do make silly or unreasonable remarks on feedback

4/ be polite when discussing issues that arise from problems

5/ try not to be demanding when an issue arises unless you feel 100% in the right but again go through right channels even contact ebay themsleves

6/ some times sellers and buyers have genuine reasons for things being paid for or sent late find out before you jump to conclusions

examples are illness maybe someone has passed away or maybe their homes have been burgaled or even been in a fire
check first before making complaints.

7/ if your complaint is genuine and have proof keep copies of photos and all receipts as proof of the problem
without proof it is sometimes hard to varify your issue or complaint

8/ above all try to be honest and genuine not rude, be polite you will get further, on;y instigate or leave negative feedback if their has been a genuine problem

9/ sellers arent all here to make a profit some are but some are just families selling their unwanted items, eg clothes and toys their children have grown out of
or even unwanted gifts

10/ at all times treat each with respect and how you yourself would like to be treated

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