How To Pick The Right Bag For Any Occasion!

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How To Pick The Right Bag For Any Occasion!


Sometimes choosing an outfit can take hours, whether you have a special event to attend, a work function or even just a day out with friends, a girl's bag is not just something you throw on. A handbag is every bit as important as the rest of the outfit itself, hence why most of us girls have about a million of them in our wardrobes! And there are so many different types!


So this is why we have created this little guide to help you find the perfect handbag for your occasion! Learn how to find exactly the right bag for your occasion online, within your price bracket! There are so many options and so many places to purchase handbags these days, so keep reading and let us help you along the way!



First you need to know exactly where you're going and what the occasion is. Is it a casual kind of day, smart casual, a work function, elegant/formal, or a party? Also, you need to think about the role your handbag will play on this occasion. Sounds silly but if its a big event where you want your hands free but don't want to leave your belongings far away, then maybe you need a clutch that can be worn as a shoulder bag as well, or if you're going on big day of shopping then maybe you need a handbag that also has the ability to convert into a crossbody bag, so that you can relieve some of that weight after a big day! Or maybe you're travelling and don't know what the day ahead will involve, so you need something that is really versatile! Eg. A Niclaire Convertible bag, a backpack, shoulder bag, and handbag all in one.


Types of Bags:


Shoulder Bag

A bag that is worn over the shoulder. They come in all different sizes and shapes, and can be found in all sorts of material. Leather, vinyl, canvas etc. Usually a leather bag will be more durable, they will generally be a bit more expensive, but definitely higher in quality and will last a lot longer. Leather bags can be simple and very elegant, or fun and quite quirky. Then there is vinyl, which generally has a lot of the same designs as leather bags, but are a bit cheaper. And then there are materials like Canvas or Polyester which you can find that are a lot more casual but be perfectly suited to your day out!


Satchel/Crossbody Bag

These bags are generally worn across the body or hung low on your shoulder. If you are commuting to work, or just want your hands free, these bags can be very handy. Available in all sorts of materials, these can be great worn across the body, if you are travelling as well, so you can keep your valuables close at all times.


Overnighter Bags

These are generally larger, oversized bags. Some women use these as their everyday bags if they just like carrying their whole lives around! (Which many do) But they can also hold quite a lot. Whether you need to hold your laptop on your way to work, or need to throw in a spare set of clothes, these bags are perfect and very on trend!


Backpack Bags

Everyone in their life time has worn a backpack at some stage, and they are sometimes underestimated. Some people think school bag when they see the word backpack, but there are so many different styles available these days, they can be just as fashionable as the latest Gucci. Available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, backpacks are great for travelling, a big day out, a picnic in the park, a busy mum and much more! 


Clutch Bags

Clutch bags are a favourite when a girl has somewhere special to go. Whether its a hot date, an elegant wedding, a work function or just a night out on the town, clutch bags can definitely be a highlight of an outfit. From casual to quite glamorous, there are so many different designs and so many different styles to choose from. Acrylic clutches, crystal clutches, casual clutches, leather clutches and so much more. Some clutches are purely hand held, or you can get some that come with the option of a longer extra strap, for when you want your valuables close but have your hands full with champagne!


Choosing a Handbag:

First you need to evaluate the situation. How much do you need to carry at this event? How formal is the outfit you are wearing? And what colour is the rest of your outfit?


A handbag can often put the perfect accent on an outfit, or even be the hero of an outfit, for example a gorgeous crystal clutch, that puts the perfect finishing touch on a special occasion outfit. A lot of women love matching their shoes to their bag, or sometimes there bag can be the standout, for example a simple black dress and heels, can be transformed into something dazzling with a glamourous clutch or vibrant leather handbag.


Think about your bag as another part of your outfit, a handbag can make or break the perfect outfit!


How to search for the right bag on ebay/online:

Think about what element you definitely know you are looking for. If you definitely want a leather handbag, type in "Genuine leather" or if you know that you want a clutch, but need something a bit special, type in "evening clutch" or "crystal clutch" try to pin point some specifics and it will make your search easier! 


Once you've found something that has caught your eye, make sure you check the measurements of the bag. Pictures online can be deceiving, and you want to be able to imagine exactly how big it will. Also, if you are a bit weary, check the stores return policy, then if you are not completely happy with your purchase, you can swap it for something else. 



A handbag can really add something special to an outfit, so don't neglect it and settle for any old bag. Whether you want your bag to make a statement or you just want a beautiful subtle and durable bag that will be quite versatile, you will definitely lots of options online! So have a think before you buy your next bag, and break it down to what you want out of your bag!

And remember a women can never have too many handbags.




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