How To Recalibrate your Andatech Breathalysers

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All ALCOSENSE breathalysers can be calibrated. Calibration allows the breathalyser to retain its accuracy even after hundreds of tests. Other products that do not offer calibration lose their accuracy over time and will not provide you with accurate readings. The calibration feature provides greater accuracy in readings with increased reliability.

What is Calibration?

All breathalysers indicate a BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) level based on the information stored in the sensor’s memory. Exact values of certain BAC levels are stored so that the sensor can provide the most accurate readings. Over time, however, these stored values tend to lose accuracy as more tests are conducted. The sensor itself and the stored sensor values tend to deteriorate over time and with more tests, get affected by external variables. In order to restore the sensor readings to maintain better accuracy, all breathalysers must be recalibrated to refresh sensor values as to allow the breathalyser to obtain better accuracy of readings.

How often should you recalibrate your breathalyser?

For the Andatech Mini AL2500B, calibration is recommended every 6 months for the standard user (4-5 uses per week). For heavier users it is recommended to calibrate it every 3-6 months.

For the Andatech AL6000Pro, calibration is recommended every 150 uses or every 4-6 months. The sensor needs replacement every year or 500 uses in total. The cost of sensor replacement is included in calibration.

For the AlcoSense® Precision, calibration is recommended every 12 months. Sensor replacement is not needed with a fuel cell breathalyser.

How much is the cost for calibration ?

For the AL2500 and the Andatech AL6000 Pro, the cost is $35*.

For AlcoSense® Precision, the cost is $75*.
* Estimated Value

If you are located in Victoria, the breathalyser can be dropped off and picked up at the Andatech calibration centre (in Vermont) for free. 

How to send your breathalyser for calibration

Contact Andatech Support on 1300 800 200 or +613 8877 0700 for information on booking a calibration for your breathalyser. 


Note. ALCOSENSE does not accept breathalysers that are imitations or parallel imports. 

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