How To Repair Fix A Bike Bicycle Tire Tyre Puncture

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How To Repair a Bike Tyre Puncture!


A puncture occurs when an object pierces through the tyre and the inner tube.  Most punctures can be repaired using a ‘puncture repair kit’, however some will damage the tube beyond repair, and the inner tube will need replacing.

Here we are going to assume it is a common puncture and can be repaired with a puncture repair kit

What you need:

Tyre pump
Tyre levers
Rubber Solution
Allen Key Tools

Step By Step Guide


1. Flip the bike upside down and release the breaks.  Most bikes now days have quick release system, however some bikes will require an Allen key.
2. Remove the wheel, again some bikes may have a quick release system and others require a tool to unscrew a nut.
3. Let all the air out of the tyre
4. Put one tyre lever under the rim and use the other tyre lever to go around the rest of the rim unhooking the tyre on one side.
5. Pull the air valve on the tube out of the hole on the rim.
6. Find the hole in the inner tube.  This can be easy as you can see the hole through the tyre, however it can also be hard and you may need to take the whole inner tube out and pump it up with air to see where the air is escaping from.
7. Use the abrasive to sand down the puncture area on the inner tube and apply rubber solution over this area.
8. Place the patch over the solution and allow all it to dry.
9. Put the inner tube back into the tyre and use the tyre levers to put the tyre back onto the rim.
10. Pump up the tyre, put the wheel back on and reattach the brakes.
11. Admire the hard work! Ride slowly for a few minutes.

When you are riding straight after a puncture, don’t ride fast or dangerously because if you haven’t done the steps above correctly you may encounter problems straight away such as the inner tube being pinched when you put it back in the rim, or the patch on the inner tube not attaching correctly.

It is also important to know that this is only a temporary fix, and you will need to replace the tube soon.


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