How To Shabby Chic

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You do not have to be a Rachel Ashwell to create your own Shabby Chic dream home.  How To Shabby Chic is an guide to help you create your own gorgeous Shabby Chic home.

This ebook is not like any other publication, ebook or blog you've ever read on How To Shabby Chic.

My aim in writing How To Shabby Chic is to provide you with the 4 Essential Elements of Shabby Chic as well as the 4 Steps to a Shabby Chic Makeover for your home.  This guide will give you the basics of decorating in the Shabby Chic style plus give you plenty of ideas and tips to help you create your ‘unique’ Shabby Chic home.

This e-book came about because I have so many people who want to know how I created my gorgeously stunning home.  So I thought that there were many more people who also wanted to know how to Shabby Chic but didn’t know where or how to start.

I also wrote this book because I realised that I had something close to my heart that I am passionate about to share with others and hopefully inspire and light the flame of creativity in another.  

While this is a comprehensive guide it is by no means an exhaustive one.  This e-book will give you an introduction to the 4 essential elements of Shabby Chic and the 4 steps to incorporating all elements to achieve the overall Shabby Chic look and feel.

This is for those of you who don’t think you are creative enough to pull off the Shabby Chic look. I have plenty of tips and ideas in this ebook to help you do this successfully.

In How To Shabby Chic you will discover all types of exciting information, ideas, tips and photos to help you create your own Shabby Chic haven. 

How To Shabby Chic

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