How To Spot Hidden Treasures At Garage/Car Boot Sales!!

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   How To Spot Hidden Treasures At Garage/Car Boot Sales!!

Hello and welcome to my guide.
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As it says in the description,in this guide I will tell you how to spot hidden treasures at GARAGE/CAR BOOT SALES!

So the first thing you need to do is FIND a Garage/Car Boot Sale.
Search on the web ask friends and families and there might be some mention of one in a local newspaper.

Once  you find a car boot sale you have to make out a plan.Such as ''What Time Will I Go''.
The answer to ''What Time Will I Go'' is go early but not to early so say there is a Garage/Car Boot Sale starting at 07:30(That is the time it opens for the stalls and people selling)
Do NOT go that early as you will arrive when the sellers do,which means they will not be ready and you will have to wait for a while!
But I would suggest arriving there at about 09:00, because all the stalls will be set up the sellers will be ready and now it is time to start buying.
And as the saying goes ''The Early Bird Catches The Worm'' so there might be a Van Gogh Painting and it could of been sold to someone 5 minutes before you arrived!


Now in Step one what I normally do is go around and look at all the stalls first,so that you can get a look at all the stalls and if two sellers have the same thing you can probably get it for a cheaper price from 1 of them.


Now in Step 2 Two it is now time to start looking for hidden TREASURES.
Always take a lot of time to look at the item and figure out its value.
If you pick up an old China plate or old China Plate Collection and it says ''MADE IN CHINA'' underneath more than likely it will not be worth anything.
But don't just look on the table/stall for items if the seller has boxes underneath and he allows you to look through them THEN DO because that is were most* of the HIDDEN TREASURES ARE(Be sure to ask for the sellers permission to look through the boxes.)


Now in Step Three ask the seller something about the item,like do you know how old it is or where was it made.
If the seller is very helpful then consider buying it,but only if the price is right.
When you find the item don't over estimate the value of it because more than 78% of the time the Sellers know the REAL Value of their item.But what about the other 22%?Find out in Step Four.


Now remember what we said about the other 22% of people who do not know the real value of what they are selling.These are the best people to buy from.
If there is a GARAGE/CAR BOOT SALE every week at the same location you are going to see a lot of the same sellers but when you see people who have just cleared out the house or their attic,go over to them straight away because most of the time they don't know they have a hidden treasure.
You can identify these ''newbies'' as they will not have old appliances but they will have like TV Remotes,clothes and so on.
This is a true story I am about to tell you.
'' I was going to a Car Boot Sale and as I was walking around I seen something that caught my eye.
It was an old Victorian Pocket Watch.I went over to the stall and as I was talking to the seller he told me it was is FIRST TIME at a Car Boot Sale and he was just after moving house and decided to bring any thing they he did'nt want to the Car Boot Sale,so I asked him how much was the pocket watch and he said €7 so I bought it and continued talking and when I went home I discovered the pocket watch was worth more than €1000 and it sold at an auction for €1850!''
So always keep your eyes open!


Now if you find an item you like and now it is time to find out the price.
If you are trying to buy an old vase and your are willing to spend €30 on that vase, then do not try and spend any more.
Below is a dialogue I have written.
''Hi how much is that vase?''
''Oh thats a RARE Vase,its also an antique,I say €40 should cover it.''
''Would you take €20''
'' OH NO,cant let it go for any where less than €40.''
''All I have in my pocket is €30,and I will really like the vase.''
''€30 sounds good''

Now never buy an item without haggling has it can always get you somethings cheaper.


Research your item for its potential value and sell it on again if you wish

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide and I hope it has helped you.

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