How To Stop Your Dog Barking

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Why does my dogs bark?

There are many different reasons why your dog barks. Barking is a normal behaviour and your dog will bark for many appropriate reasons. Your dog might hear an odd noise in your yard and we want the dog to scare away any intruders. It can obviously become frustrating and annoying when your dog barks persistently and it disturbs your neighbours.  As a responsible dog owner, you should try to remove things or situations that might cause your dog to bark.  There can be many simple reasons why a dog barks, such as neighbouring cats or dogs or your dog might bark at people if you have a hole in your fence.  The main cause of dog barking is boredom, loneliness, stress and separation anxiety. Your dog might get anxious when you leave the house or when you go on holidays. Your dog will miss you and become anxious which can trigger the dog to bark more often than normal. It is a good idea to try and understand why your dog is barking and if you can, you might be able to resolve any obvious problems before you buy a bark control collar.

You should also try to determine what sort of barker your dog is. This will assist you to determine whether you need to do more than simply stop your dog from barking. For instance, if your dog is a boredom barker, could regular walks help? … or if your dog’s barking is a result of separation anxiety you need to do more than simply stop your dog’s barking – you need to work on the separation issue as well as the barking problem

Do I need a bark control collar?

If you can’t solve your dog’s barking by sorting out your dog’s anxiety problems then you may need to try a bark control collar. You may only need to put the bark control collar on your dog when you go out to the shops or leave for work.  There are many different bark control collars that suit small dogs right up to the largest of dogs.

There are three basic correction methods used in bark control collars:

  • 1. Tone Collars - The sonic and ultrasonic bark control collars can be effective on small pups and small dogs with timid personalities but the use of these collars on any dogs with a stronger personality and their effectiveness falters. Hand-held ultrasonic remotes can be effective at times with timid and smaller dogs but the downside is that you need to be there to press the button when your dog barks.

  • 2. Stimulation Collars - These collars are also called “zap” collars, because they emit a static electrical impulse when barking is detected. The RSPCA do not endorse these collars, as they consider them to be cruel to your dog. Stimulation collars can be quite effective on determined barkers and the collars cannot be triggered by other dogs barking nearby. I would never use one on my dog because I don't believe in causing the dog pain when there are more effective alternatives.

  • 3. Citronella Collars - A citronella collar will deliver a short burst of (harmless) citronella in front of your dog's nose when the barking is detected. The smell of citronella, combined with the little "psst" of scent that is released from the device around your dogs neck, act in combination to distract the dog and will give your dog the message that the barking is not welcome! Like stimulation collars, the citronella collar cannot be triggered by any dog other than the one wearing the collar, and are also effective for beginner barkers as well as more determined barkers.

    Citronella collars are suitable for both large and small dogs, but should not be used on dogs younger than 6 months old. Most commercial collar products are fully adjustable (check at time of purchase).

    Although the most effective treatment varies from dog to dog, a study into barking behaviours conducted by Cornell University (USA) found Citronella Collars reduce barking by 88.9% compared to stimulation collars (44.4%) and tone units (12%).  Consequentially, we stock Multivet Citronella Anti Bark Collars (recognised as the world’s best selling anti-bark collar).

    If you are interested in purchasing a Multivet Citronella Collar please have a look at our current auctions. You can also visit our eBay Store to see our range of citronella bark control collars.
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