How To Style and Apply a Fancy Dress Costume Wig

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There are lots of great costume wigs out there to help you perfect the look for your next fancy dress costume party or event. Whether it is Halloween, Book Week, a birthday party, the cricket, or just an excuse to get your crew together for a fun night, wearing a wig can transform your great outfit into a totally amazing one! 

It's important to keep in mind that you can't always wear the wig right out of the package when you receive it... they are often tightly packaged, and a few tips will help you get it to look just like the picture on the front of the packaging:
  • Hang it upside down - when you receive in the mail, open up the packaging and take it out. Shake it out and hang it upside down to let the hair fall out and find it's form. Use a couple clothes pins to attach it to something if you can.
  • Comb it out - use a good brush or a wig brush to comb out any knots, get it flowing nicely and give it some volume.
  • Use a wig cap - to keep your real hair out of site you can use a wig cap, it's basically a mesh cap that you tuck your hair into. It will also help the wig stay on your head better.
  • Use hair products - don't be afraid to use hair products on your wig, gel, mouse, hair spray will all help you fashion it into a look that will match the picture you purchased it to look like.
  • Store it well - don't stuff it in a drawer or box if you can resist, leave it on a wig head or something that allows it to keep its shape.
Some great costume ideas that have wigs that really stand out include:
  • Marilyn Monroe wig
  • The Joker wig
  • Beetlejuice wig
  • Elvis Presley wig
  • Lady Gaga wig
  • Katy Perry wig
  • Clown wig
  • Old man or old woman wig
  • Mullet wig
  • Vampire wig
  • Mermaid wig
  • Alice in Wonderland Wig
  • Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz wig
  • Grease character wigs
  • Punk wigs
  • Mohawk wigs
  • Colourful and funny wigs
  • 1980's theme costumes for men and women
  • 1970's theme costumes for men and women
  • 1960's theme costumes for men and women
  • 1950's costumes for men and women
  • 1920's flapper wig

Hope you find this How To video helpful, we've got more to come on hair, make-up and lots of dress-up ideas for Halloween, Book Week, and pretty much any fancy dress costume party theme you can think of!
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