How To Train Your Dog to Use a Doggy Door

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How To Train Your Dog to Use a Doggy Door

If you have just installed a pet door, you may find that your dog is a little cautious about this new toy in the house. He might be sniffing around the door just to check it out or he might quickly get use to the door and is already going through it to get outside. If you find that your dog is backing away from the pet door, this could be a sign that they need some reassurance.
Training your dog to use the newly installed doggy door is actually quite easy. Even if you have never used a pet door before, you can simply follow this guide and you will be on your way.

There are a few simple steps.

Firstly, bring your pet to the Pet Door slowly by placing their favorite toy near it or even place their meal bowl near the door. This will reassure them that the door is not dangerous. While playing with your dog, put  toy through the doggy door and encourage your dog to go through it to get the toy or food and bring it back from the other side.  Help your dog by lifting up the door flap gently. If your dog is hesitant, gently stroke him and help him across.

Once your dog is outside, repeat the same process to get your dog to come inside. If your dog is still hesitant, you can ask a friend or your family member, who is using a doggy door to come over and when your dog watches another dog, it will be easy for them to learn.

In the beginning, if your dog is not used to the flap of the door, you might want to temporarily tape the flaps up to make it easier for your dog to get across. Do not in any way punish your dog or show frustration or your dog might associate using the doggy door as a bad and unpleasant thing to do and will never use the door.  Dogs like humans require tender loving care. They learn through rewards and punishments.

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