How To Turn Ordinary Fabric into Laminated Fabric

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How To Turn Ordinary  Fabric Into Laminated Fabric
Laminate fabrics are ideal for any project where you want some water proofing or being able to wipe the item clean with a damp cloth
Items such as baby bibs , changing mats , picnic table cloths, shopping bags, lunch bags,  the list is endless.
If you have a favourite fabric you would like to turn into a laminate fabric then the answer is right here with the new Heat 'n' Bond iron on vinyl.
Preparing your fabric for laminating
1. Select the fabric for your chosen project
2. If your finished project is going to be washed at a later date  it is advisable to wash your fabric first to avoid and shrinkage of the fabric
3. lay your fabric right side up on your work surface ( firm ironing board) it is preferred not to use a padded ironing board
4. Set iron to medium - wool setting , iron the fabric completely flat, remove all wrinkles as these will be visible under the vinyl
Applying the vinyl ( Iron the Heat 'n' Bond onto your fabric before you cut it out)
  1. Cut out a piece of Heat 'n' Bond large enough to cover the fabric you will be working with. The backing paper has a grid  to make cutting easier.
  2. Peel the backing away from the vinyl, the backing paper comes away easily
  3. Put the backing paper aside as you will need it later when heat setting the vinyl
  4. Place the vinyl sticky side down onto the right side of the ironed fabric
  5. Position the vinyl exactly as you want it on the fabric, the vinyl is easily moved  so you will be able to get the desired position correct.
  6. Place the backing paper which you have just removed, over the vinyl, now iron the entire piece  using a medium pressure. don't leave the iron in the one position , keep it moving over the paper to evenly distribute the heat.
  7. Take the backing paper away, turn your fabric over and iron from the wrong side.
  8. You know have a piece of laminated fabric
  9. You can now cut out your pattern  and sew the fabric as you would any other laminated fabric
  10. Suggested needles to use would be a jeans/denim for heavy laminated fabric and a ballpoint for lighter fabric
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