How To decorate With New LED Flower String Lights.

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How To decorate With New LED Flower String Lights.

Flower Lights are made to look like beautiful climbing plants hang or drape these anywhere to create a sensual atmosphere, pretty little clear bulbs light up the flower giving a romantic soft ambiance colored subtle glow, wherever you decide to hang them around your home or event.

These Beautiful Flower String Lights have New LED Bulbs, cover with handmade Flowers.

The world’s beloved flowers and illuminated it to enhance your home décor or enlighten your special event. These Flower String Lights are special because they are hand-made out of REAL leaves, which give them a soft translucent glow unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Flower String Lights are made from the leaves of the Bodhi tree. Twice a year, the people of Southern Thailand harvest the fallen leaves from these majestic trees. Over the next 6 weeks they soak the leaves using ancient techniques to preserve them without using harmful chemicals. Once strengthened, each leaf is then carefully dyed into gorgeous colors and delicately hand-crafted to create these stunning flowers then added to the lights.

Why Do these Flower Lights "Bloom Open" when you Mist them with Water?

In nature, when rain falls onto a leaf, the leaves skeleton absorbs the water and diffuses it out towards the edges so that the entire leaf gets hydrated.  Flower Lights are extraordinary because the leaves they're made from are REAL LEAVES and are able to retain this ability. As a result, when they are sprayed with water, the flower will literally "bloom" open!

Why LED Bulbs?

You may be asking what are LED Lights. A light-emitting-diode (LED) They are New…They are energy saving Bulbs,    That do not get hot, Led Bulbs use very little power. They last up to 100,000 hrs wow that 17 years. With LED you never have to change a bulb, I know how hard it was trying to find replacement bulbs or  even which one doesn’t work, so I decided to change that and have these lights made with LED Bulbs. 

 We are the importers which means you can have these items for far less.

Where to Use Flower  lights


Planning a Wedding?      


They make ideal Wedding Decorations. Drape them in front of your wedding table, or on the table for lighting. They look great in Glass bowls as a center piece.  Drape them around your Wedding cake table.  Use them around the room to create an soft ambiance. Add them around the curtains to brighten them up. Place them in the ladies rooms around the mirrors.

Christmas Decorations                                         

They Look great and are Unique as Christmas Decorations. Wrap them around a few bush sticks place them in a vase and add some stunning Christmas Balls. “Wulla” A Christmas Tree.

Around The House   

Place them around your bed-head, they look stunning around canopies. Hang your Flower Lights around your mirror, and pictures frames.  Place them on your Dressing table. Drape your Flower Lights over your widow frame or curtains. Use them in a ball as a table decoration, in a  glass vase or bowl. Hang the in a corner from the ceiling straight  down.Can be use under cover on the veranda or patios and BBQ areas. They light up any floral arrangements. They are great for a Birthday, Thank-you or Christmas Gifts.                                                            I love you gifts, Surprise a loved one today.  

Where ever you decide to place these stunning lights they create a sensual atmosphere.

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