How a Bluesky Shellac Nail Polish Kit Saves you $750!

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Shellac is the newest full-proof way to get fabulously shinny polished/Hollywood A-Lister nails that last and last. Unlike regular nail polishes that chip and gels that practically cement themselves to your nails, Shellac has a long-lasting finish and removing shellac can't be any easier. The best thing about this is that you don't have to call for an appointment at the salon, drive over, park, wait for your turn, and pay $40 to $85 per visit to get Hollywood A-lister nails. (How much is that in a year if you go at least twice a month?!) You can start having gorgeous nails and you can start right now. Just grab a kit from our store and let me show you how.

Like with any great manicure, it is important to properly prep your nails for application. Make sure you smooth and shape your nails with a buffer and remove any dry cuticles. Remove any excess oil or residue from buffing by ensuring you wipe each nail clean with non acetone nail polish remover (Wash your hands with warm water to eliminate any excess oil.  It's best to air dry your hands since towels can leave lint on the nail. Nobody wants ragged nails so make sure you get those fingernails looking and feeling smooth before applying your Shellac.

Using a base coat is super important because it gets the nail ready for a glamorous colour. Use your Bluesky Shellac base coat after shaking the bottle to ensure that the Shellac is properly mixed. Apply a very thin layer on each fingernail. Make sure you get the excess base coat off the brush prior to applying and use long, quick strokes straight from the cuticle to the tip. You don't want to pile on the Shellac, but rather create a sheer bottom coat and remember to seal the tip of the nail too. Place your fingers under your 36W UV lamp for 10 to 15 seconds. Do this on both hands before you move to the next step.

Pick out your favourite shade of Shellac and get ready for gorgeous nails! After you have applied the base coat, shake the shellac colour thoroughly prior to applying. Apply a thin coat on each finger so that the colour is somewhat transparent. Apply the shellac the same way you did the base coat after removing the excess product off the brush. Keep your nails under your 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes and then do this on the other hand. After you have done this to both hands, apply another thin coat to the first hand and keep it under the UV lamp for another 2 minutes. Do the same thing to the second hand.

Now it is time to finish those fabulous nails off! After you have applied two thin coats of Shellac colour, you will need to apply a thin layer of the top coat. Again, you will apply this the same way as the other two coats once you have removed the excess Shellac from the brush. Nobody wants drippy, runny nails. After applying the top coat again, pop those pretty nails right back under the UV lamp for 2 minutes, then do the other hand.

The top layer of your nails will have a sticky film that is hiding the beautiful finish underneath. Wipe the top off with a bit of isopropyl alcohol and you will be ready to go for two full weeks! Yes, I said it, two full weeks without nasty chips and peeling. And with all the gorgeous Shellac shades available, trust me, you will be aching to try out another fabulous shade of Shellac before those weeks are up! So visit our store today and don't miss out!
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