How a Breathalyzer can change your life?

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How a Breathalyzer can change your life?

Breathalyzers can change your life in many ways.

Being caught drink driving can include consequences

A 'Social Drinker'

Many people enjoy a social drink & meeting people.
For many partying means going out & getting drunk.
No person, wants to think of themselves as having a problem with Alcohol.
Like most people, we do not consider ourselves to have a problem.

The true cost

Drinking until we are drunk is perhaps the routine for many. 

We begin to realize that, we are spending a fortune on; Alcohol, Fast Food & Uber's

Far worse, we realize that; our health is suffering.

We also begin to see that the special people that we meet, move on.

We begin to realize that people see us, as anti - 'social'...

The solution

We know that this situation is not what we really want for our lives, but we are a social drinker's...

We need to find a solution, before something truly terrible happens.

We decide that if we could accurately determine our own actual Alcohol level, we could drink just enough to be 'social'.

Biofeedback & finding the balance

We decide to get our own professional grade 'Breathalyzer' & test our own blood alcohol level.

We soon realize that things go 'downhill' above a certain level of intoxication

We decide that we can use; 'Biofeedback'.

Put simply, we guess our alcohol level first, prior to each test.

By doing this, we gradually become more accurate at detecting our own Alcohol level & thus we know how to stay in our own correct zone...

How a Breathalyser can change your life?

After a few short weeks...

We become social drinker's, who people want to get to know...

We feel more healthy, without hangovers...

We spend far less on Alcohol...

We know we can test ourselves with an breathalyzer & choose to drive home safely, saving thousands of dollars on Uber's...

If we meet someone special, we can ask; 'Your place or mine?' as we knew we are legal to drive...

*The average Australian spends $1612 on Alcohol each year. (ABS Statistics).

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