How a Lack of Sleep is Linked to Obesity

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Hi everyone,

I read this article today and I wanted to share it with you. Very interesting!!

Not Enough Sleep?

If you ask people why we need to sleep, most will respond that it is necessary mainly for the brain. However, recent research seems to indicate that it plays a key role in the maintenance of weight as well.

Several large studies from around the world have linked sleep to obesity. The US nurses' Health Study (which has been tracking 68,000 women) found that the amount of sleep was inversely proportional to weight - those who slept five hours per night gained more weight during the study than those who slept six hours, who it turn gained more weight that those who slept seven hours. Although this evidence is largely circumstantial, there is more direct evidence to back it up.

Endocrinologists have discovered that the hormones responsible for hunger and satiety are directly influenced by the amount of sleep we get. Ghrelin (the hormone that makes us hungry) levels rise significantly with sleep deprivation, while levels of the satiety hormone, Leptin, fall. Researchers at the University of Brussels concluded that these changes 'could lead to excessive calorie intake when food is freely available.

This information is interesting when viewed in the light of sleeping trends over the last 50 years; we slept an average of eight and a half hours in the 1960's and the national average in both Australia and the US is now less than seven hours.

*Source: Ultra Fit Magazine, Written by Paul Taylor (Director - Personal Training Academy)

To me this suggests once again how important it is to have your sleeping environment as relaxing and inviting as possible. Quality Bed Linen, quality surroundings means quality sleep.

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