How a dog containment system works, invisible dog fence

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Dog Fences and Pet Containment Systems

Why Consider Containing Your Dog?

It can be dangerous to let your pets run wild. In addition to allowing your dog to safely enjoy the great outdoors, a dog containment system can be used for training and protection.

A dog will escape from your home or yard for a variety of reasons. Another dog may run past, and the urge to play may be too much to resist. Perhaps your dog simply enjoys wandering around and ‘saying hello’, or is just bored. Often there will be a hole in the fence or very little fence at all, or the mischievous canine may dig the hole themselves. Sometimes, the dog will be so energetic that they simply scale the fence no matter how secure it may be. Whatever the reason, the stress and worry associated with a lost dog are problems no-one needs to worry about.

If you are worried about your dogs behaviour, it may be time to consider a dog containment system.


Selecting A Dog Containment System

When selecting a containment system for your dog, consider your pet’s needs as well as your own.

As a general rule, the bigger they are the more space dogs need.

It is also important to think about your reasons for containing your pet - whether to keep your pet secure at night or while you are away, to provide a safe outdoor space, for training or for play.

Several choices of dog containment systems are available - the right fence for you and your pet can be found by asking yourself:

• Indoor or outdoor dog?
• Breed (size, weight and temperament)?
• Reasons for containment
• Budget

If you can answer these questions, then you will be able to select an effective containment system for you and your pet - for instance if you own a smaller breed of dog, and have the time to change batteries in the collar unit, then a Petsafe or Innotek dog containment system (electric dog fence) might be for you. On the other hand, if you need a tougher collar design for a larger, more playful dog and prefer a rechargeable dog containment system to the battery operated dog containment system, or if you have a large property to cover, then the PAC dog containment system may suit you better. The best thing to do when selecting a dog containment system is to weigh up the options and speak to a professional. DogMaster Staff are available 6 days a week on Freecall 1800 300 364 or drop us an email.



A radio dog containment system, invisible dog fence no matter the brand, will run on the same basic principles, and have two major pieces required for it to work - a transmitting device, and a receiver unit.

First, the transmitting device (transmitter) is mounted to a wall and connected to a power outlet. This device will transmit a radio signal when switched on, and is the base station for the rest of the system.Wire is connected to the transmitter and ‘looped’ around the perimeter of the dogs new boundary.

When switched on, this wire loop will emit a radio signal on all sides of the wire. Humans will not be able to hear or see the signal, and it will not stop other people or animals from entering your home. In fact it is entirely invisible. This radio field will range in diameter from under half a metre to around three metres - this can be adjusted using a dial on the transmitter.

Once the perimeter is established, the dog will respect the boundary in time. Dogs are intelligent animals and learn quickly. DogMaster Trainers staff are happy to advise you on the best system to suit your dog. The dog is taught by use of verbal commands that the perimeter is a ‘no-go’ zone which allows the dog to learn their new limitations.

When the receiver collar (worn by the dog) approaches the boundary, it will emit a high pitched beep or warning sound. Early training on this point is essential - with the transmitter unit switched on, the dog is shown the boundary and the warning tone, before being removed from the warning zone and pointed in the correct direction (back toward ‘home’).

Using this method will effectively teach the dog to stay away from the perimeter, and to remain in the area designated by their owner.

If you wish to know more about dog containment systems or their suitability for your dog then feel free to contact DogMaster Trainers on Freecall 1800 300 364 for an obligation-free consultation.

Visit the DogMaster Trainers eBay store for a wide range of dog containment systems at discounted prices.

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