How are bamboo towels best for you?

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Bamboo towels first became popular a few years ago and quickly became well known for their softness, green properties, fluffy appearance and highly absorbent nature. Since towels are used for drying the body and wiping away moisture, the material that they are made from needs to be as absorbent as possible. Bamboo fabric is well known for its moisture absorbency as well as being recognised for other qualities like its softness, anti bacterial properties, etc. All these qualities make bamboo towels a preferred choice for everyone who is conscious about their skin, whether they suffer from allergies, eczema, sensitive skin, or parents who want a gentle option for their little one’s body.
When you feel a bamboo towel, you will realise just how soft it is. Bamboo fabric is soft and shiny and this property can be seen in bamboo towels as well. Towels made from bamboo are one of the softest options available as well as possessing a high moisture absorbency quality. This means that they actually wipe away all the water and moisture from the body, rather than just moving it around. It also means they dry much more quickly after use or washing.
Towels should always be washed and dried carefully as many diseases can grow on them. However, bamboo fiber’s anti bacterial quality ensures that you will never have to worry about this with a bamboo towel. These towels are naturally healthy and self cleansing. They repel all sorts of viruses and bacteria and make sure that you enjoy a healthy home.
A good towel should comprise of several qualities and  a bamboo towel has all of these. Some of them are:
  • A towel made from bamboo fiber can absorb four times more moisture than a cotton towel.
  • These towels are more absorbent than any other towel.
  • These towels stay fresh for a longer period of time due to their anti bacterial quality.
  • They are super soft and will never be harsh on your skin.
About Ettitude:
ettitude is committed to making eco conscious living easy, affordable, and rewarding. In addition to bamboo sheets, we provide bamboo towels, bamboo duvet covers, bamboo socks, bamboo clothes, etc. There is a 90 days money back policy, if you are not satisfied with the product and want to return it. We also offer free shipping for orders over $75.

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